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    Famitsu’s 2D Shooting Family Tree 2018

    Article	: Famitsu’s 2D Shooting Family Tree 2018
    Author	: BClarkOMP (Translator) | Famitsu (Source)
    Source	: onemillionpower.com
    Reason	: Preserved on July 19th, 2018 in case original source goes down.
    [BClarkOMP] The following is a translation from the 07/12/2018 issue of Famitsu magazine, as a part of a
    larger feature called “The Present State of Shooting Games”. You’ll find both the original scans of the
    chart as they appeared in Famitsu, as well my own translated version of the chart, crudely made using

    Famitsu’s 2D Shooting Family Tree 2018

    When you think of fixed screen shooting games, the first game that comes to mind is Space Invaders. With that as our starting point, we’re going to explain the development and evolution of shooting games in a family tree format. Some of you will probably want to tell us that specific titles aren’t on here, but please keep in mind that these games are only classified according to Famitsu’s own research. With this, even those who don’t have much interest in shooting games should be able to understand how the genre has evolved!

    Famitsus-2D-Shooting-Family-Tree-2018-Chart-Scan-Page-1.thumb.jpg.4e0434daf961aa805d8b01eef27ee86c.jpg Famitsus-2D-Shooting-Family-Tree-2018-Chart-Scan-Page-2.thumb.jpg.c2ce6c25ea7d1afb41bc77f678e62a20.jpg


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