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Working on sorting and adding files.

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So getting this site online is a bit overwhelming.  Should I focus on developing the forums, getting the word out about the site, focus on content?  Too many irons in the fire for a staff of one.  So, I've decided to work on the one aspect that I've been dreading the most- files.

Even though Shmuptacular came down years ago, I had a complete backup of the files.. Between the doujin freeware and commercial software, I'd say I have around eighty gigs or so of files.  I have an almost complete archive of the files from the Shoot the Core database ran by Postman from back in the day.  The real issue is testing all of the software against Windows 10 and weeding out what works and what doesn't.  I also need to do screenshots of the games, and try and muddle through the Japanese documentation (with the help of Google Translate) and try and add what information I can to the description.  This is even more challenging since almost all of the related sites to these games are offline.  So in most cases this site will be the only online source for these old shmups.  But on a brighter note, this will get most of these games publicly available again.

As a call to arms: If anyone comes across this forum and can get the word about it on related sites it would be appreciated.  I'd like to see the forums get a bit of activity.

Well, I've got some work to do. :classic_unsure:


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