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STG / Shoot'em Up Miscellaneous

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This category is for STG / Shmup files which don't fit in anywhere else.

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  1. The Full Extent of the Jam by Dimitri « ProMeTheus » Aupetit

    The Full Extent of... What??

    This guide covers practicing and performing techniques, with scoring high as a goal, in Shooting Games (STG), also called shmups.  The supposed reader is a player of any skill level that intends to get into scoring, or get better at scoring.
    One thing I would like to stress is how much more fun STGs become when you play them for score instead of survival. I absolutely love scoring!  Getting better and learning how to score means playing in a much, much more complex way.  You will be playing with a plan in mind.  Scoring opportunities will have to be balanced depending on how much risk they represent. You will have to develop understanding of how to navigate those seemingly unpassable bullet patterns. You will be using your brain at a much higher rate during play. And what you achieve will be recognized by other people.

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