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KIRISAME BLADE 2 (Kurisame 2)

【Caution! 】 Gamepad Ultra recommend

Slash all of them !!

Use a pair of "blades" equipped on your aircraft and a "hyper" system to strengthen yourself for a certain period of time and destroy enemy hordes!

The game mode has three basic modes and mission mode. 
Let's fight with the mode you like.

    • Mode that kills enemies in succession and aims for high score by connecting combos.
    • Make a combo with a new element combo boost! 
    • Simple mode in which the time at stage clearance is the score as it is.
    • Let's quickly defeat the medium size aircraft and aim for QUICK DOWN BONUS.
    • An arcade-like mode that chooses the order of the squad who sorts at the start of the game and clears all four stages in order.
    • A bonus stage that can aim for a high score also occurs when clearing the stage.
    • Is there something good if you clear it to the end?
    • It is a mode that freely chooses a short stage of all 24 + 1 faces to capture.
    • As you clear, hidden elements will be lifted.

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