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You are a space pirate from the planet SYNOX.  The planet is inhabited mainly by professors and scientists, so the place is technically more advanced than any other planet in the local universe... with one exception - artificial intelligence has not yet been created.  Third generation computers are still the "In Thing".

Last week, while cruising in your FSD8211 Twin Engine Turbo Charged Rotoblade with aerofoil at no extra charge, you heard a message from your illegal sideband radio.  It was something to do with the scientists who went on a discovery mission to the neighbouring planet.  They said they had found a substance that could be extremely useful in technological advances.  It is a microscopic lifeform that has two states that can be identified as on or off.  It was ideal for Organic Artificially Intelligent Computers.  They said they could not bring it back with them because there was so much of it, also that they had arranged a convoy of 21 Cargo Ships to transport it back to SYNOX.  They called this MISSION FX...  Then the radio cut out... BUT! never fear, you had heard enough, you sat down to think for a second, then the penny dropped, the potential for nicking this stuff was enormous!!!!  So off you trot in your spacecraft in an attempt to stop MISSION FX!


Oh yeah, by the way, the Ships carrying this organic stuff have high security protection.  So you had better have a decent joystick.

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