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Grazing bullets activates lock-on lasers and the score multiplier for each kill is determined by the state of your "graze rate chain".
The maximum multiplier available is increased by collecting stars from destroyed enemies to fill the "Max x" gauge.
Two standard ships and two unlockable secret ships.
Access Pacifist mode (no main shot) by holding UP whilst selecting ship with bomb button.
Access Trial mode (ship fully powered up and slower enemy bullets) by holding DOWN whilst selecting ship with bomb button.
As well as the "Normal" course there's also a "Special" course but stormcaliberology is still in it's infancy so it's unclear how to achieve it as yet lol.
Any problems with fullscreen graphics can be remedied by setting compatibility to Windows 95, 256-colors, 640x480.

Game loops after 3 stages. Beating it again takes you to the TLB (EX Boss).

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