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Arcade Posters- Space Invaders by bobman32x

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This is my current Project in Advertising Design. Use color to bring a theme together. My theme is Classic 1980s arcade games revisioned for our era of gaming. Sort of if these games were re-released in arcades, this would be the artwork on the side panels and so forth. I have 7 of these, one for each color, plus black. SPACE INVADERS!!!! Im pissed that dA doesnt have longer titles:P Anyway I like how this one came out, but it took so much mroe time than it needed, because after drawing 3 of the objects by hand (and pixelated sprites takes a while) I found out there is a text that would have made all of them for me, which I used for the background ships, created outlines and then Enlarged a tad. I think it looks cool but its still missing something so i may go back and edit it.

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