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    I'm building a PC Engine collection, I picked these up during the weekend. I love the Obey machine. So many fun shewties!
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    I just wanted to drop a quick update on the state of the site but first a bit of history. I'm not sure how many of you may remember this site from back in the day. The original site was launched in 2005 and ran until around 2011 when the hosting provider I used suffered a major hack. Many sites were affected and mine was one of them. I didn't have a complete backup of the database and the Content Management System I was using at the time had changed hands and development and support became rather unstable... so I made the decision to not relaunch the site. This never really sat well with me, but I just didn't have the time to rebuild everything at that point. At that time Shmups Forum was having issues, Malc was hard to get a hold of and the forum needed some administration done to it.. also, shmup-dev was going through a similar changing of hosts (and owners) at that time due to time constraints (if I remember correctly). Postman's "Shoot the Core" had changed hosts, got upgraded then something happened to it and it went offline. It was just upsetting that so many STG sites had stability issues around the same time... luckily things worked out fine for both shmups.com and shmup-dev.com. So here we are: Since I currently find myself with an abundance of forced free-time on my hands.. I figured I'd try and start getting the bones in place to build the site back up. To that end, I decided to just scrap the CMS and go straight for a forum that had a decent amount of functionality built into it. Invision has Forums, Galleries, Files and Blogs.. and since I already had a dormant license, I chose to go with that. I've begun adding images and files to the site. It's time consuming but I'll try to get it populated as fast as possible. The main issue I'm having at this point is with the uploads. Uploads to the site are very touchy.. sometimes they works fine and you can upload a couple hundred megs no problem, sometimes uploading a 200k JPEG fails, sometimes it uploads but it's corrupted, I'm working on finding a solution to problem. It's happening on all of my sites and on many different software packages. Switching out PHP versions, tweaking security settings.. nothing seems to work. I think it's probably a server issue, so that may take some time (and emails) to sort out. But if you want to send something up you can.. you just might need to try the upload 4 or 5 times.. Hopefully it gets sorted out soon. I'll post more here as things get sorted out.