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    Excellent. Those frame rates are looking great. I Held off on building out my B350 Ryzen system last year.. but it looks like the Ryzen 2700x is compatible with my board at stock speeds. Maybe I'll pick one of those up when I get back on track. but if I do it will probably be a computer room machine. I'm still working on building the old 4th gen i5 system out as an emulation box for the game room. Not great on PS2, Gamecube or Wii.. but fine for everything else.
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    Hi my name is Mark aka Lactobacillus Prime and I have been a videogamer ever since the early 70s. I reside in the Netherlands (Europe). Of course among the first videogames I played was Pong but also quite a few others types. I found myself drawn to these early games as new gameplay mechanics were being developed and experimented with and new genres were being born just about every day. I found the Shmup/STG/shooter genre one that just 'clicked' with me. I actually never stopped playing video games and I am still very keen on the Shmup genre. I hope to be a regular on this site. I have my own youTube channel you can check out here: https://www.youtube.com/lactobacillusprime
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    Hi! I'm Pearl, Im not that good at intros lol Ive been a STG player for 3 years now, Main focus being the Touhou Games but now pushing into arcade territory Main input method is keyboard; stick and pad hurt my hand too much. I play arcade STG on MAME due to my input method. I guess I can list some of my accomplishments here? All Touhou games Lunatic 1cc Touhou 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12.8 Lunatic nobomb 1cc Touhou 2 Perfect Lunatic 1cc DP/DDP/DOJ/DFK 1-ALL Batrider advanced clear Mushi Arrange clear Battle Garegga 1CC Battle Garegga 10.5M score Full list here https://pastebin.com/Ge7CLU0S Im happy to be here and excited to see this forum grow!