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    Armed Police Batrider Wallpaper 1920x1080
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    Just finished up with Gunbird 2 for Nintendo Switch and it's looking like I'll be diving into Tempest 4000 after the dayjob today!
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    I achieved my first B score in Battle Garegga! B.87 Million as Gain.
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    Shmup MAME Frame 2 Wallpaper 1920x1080
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    Terra Feminarum (DRM Free version) is currently on sale (as of August 4th, 2018) over at itch.io for $0.99 USD by itself, or $1.48 USD with the soundtrack. This is an amazing deal. Not sure how long this is valid for.
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    I will probably get a Neo SD (possibly Pro) when (if?) they come down a bit in price.
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    Excellent. Looks great! I debated doing this a couple of years back and ended up buying a custom built supergun so I could use it on more systems than just the MVS (I've got an MV-1)... But it's definitely a space hog. I sometimes wish I went for a consolized system just to make it more convenient to play. Most of the time I opt for emulation because I don't feel like setting the beast up. 🙂 Great choice of game too... If you are just getting into MVS collecting it pays to check your cartridges out against the MSV Scans site just to make sure you're not paying good money for bootlegs. The Neo Geo scene is a mine field when it comes to fake cartridges,
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    I recently got a consolized MVS (and bought my first MVS game as you can see). Great system!
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    Just a test recording of me playing the Playstation 2 game Motor Storm Arctic Edge (PAL) on the PCSX2 emulator on a PC with a Ryzen 7 2700x 2nd generation Ryzen CPU, with 16Gb memory running at 2933Mhz, a GTX 1070 GPU, Xbox 360 Gamepad, 1080p display, using OBS to record the screen. The PCSX2 emulator is using software mode (most complete and compatible, glitch free) dedicating 4 threads to graphics. It runs 100% all the time! Captured this at 60fps and this PAL game runs at 50fps, so ideally should have captured at 50fps. But this shows how smooth PS2 emulation is on the new Ryzen2 platform. Of course the fact that it is a multithreaded app makes it perfect for this platform. I had to replace the audio with a stock track from YouTube's audio library to avoid copyright infringements. This video is a demonstration of the capabilities of the new platform.
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    Excellent. Just placed the order.
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    If you order the Special Edition TODAY on japanese Amazon you get a free DLC code fpr SAGAIA for GameBoy.
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    Just a heads up that Garegga Rev. 2016 has a physical release in South Korea. https://www.play-asia.com/battle-garegga-rev2016/13/70bsdd
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    Emulation has been with us ever since the 80s. The Amiga was capable of running C64 software to some extend. The C64 had a basic ZX Spectrum Emulator. But for a long time these emulators just weren't up to the task of perhaps replacing the real deal, or providing us with an experience that some have a hard time distinguishing from the genuine article. Let's see how we fare when trying out various emulated systems on a PC... Originally this was a stream with Integrated chat Using multiple scenes YetiBlue USB Microphone Logitech Webcam WIndows 10 PC Streaming and capturing the images of a second emulation PC with the Avermedia Live Gamer Portable from within Open Broadcaster Software Emulation PC: i5 Haswell 3.5Ghz 4 cores 12 Gb RAM 256 Gb SSD 4x 2TB HDD 950GTX GPU Nvidia Logitech Rumblepad 2 Software: Launchbox 4DO - for 3DO emulation 1964_11 - for N64 emulation Atari800 - for Atari 8bit emulation Kat5200 - fot Atari 5200 emulation Demul - for Dreamcast and Naomi emulation Dolphinx86 5.x - for Gamecube and Wii emulation ePSXe - for PSX emulation FS-UAE - for Amiga / CD32 emulation FCeux - for Nintendo emulation Fusion364 - for Sega emulation Hatari - for Atari ST emulation Mame 0.149 - for Arcade emulation Mess 0.151 - for Multiple system emulation Mupen64_0.51 - for N64 emulation Mupen64+++ Beta - for N64 emulation Nebula Nemu Nestopia - for Nintendo emulation NullDC - for Dreamcast emulation PCSX2 - for Playstation 2 emulation PCSX - for Playstation emulation Project 64 / Project 64 1.6 / Project 64 1.7 / Project 64 2.1 - for N64 emulation PPSSPPBlue / PPSSPPGold - for Sony PSP emulation Retroarch - for multiple system emulation SainT - for Atari ST emulation Snes9x-1.52/1.53/1.55 - for Snes emulation Specteculator - for Spectrum emulation UltraHLE VisualboyAdvance - Gameboy Advance emulation WinVice - 3.1x64 - for Commodore 8bit emulation
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    I managed to get a PS3 Emulator called RPCS3 running on my PC. It's fairly easy to set up and I discovered 5 of my games would actually work with this emulator. The emulator uses the regular update file intended for the PS3 and you need to install that inside of the emulator. Then, if you have a compatible bluray drive it is possible to dump the games, decrypt them and copy them inside the file structure of the emulator, much like the WiiU emulator does. It's far from perfect and certainly not full speed when grabbing the game footage with OBS at the same time. But I figured I'd share this amazing fact with you guys. It's fascinating to see software intended for a vastly different architecture just do its thing on the PC.
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    Espgaluda II Wallpaper 01 1920x1080