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  1. Midi Rose (Ibara/CAVE) Cosplay by Felonia
  2. Midi Rose (Ibara/CAVE) Cosplay by Felonia
  3. Midi Rose (Ibara/CAVE) Cosplay by Felonia
  4. Midi Rose (Ibara/CAVE) Cosplay by Felonia
  5. Midi Rose (Ibara/CAVE) Cosplay by Felonia
  6. Midi Rose (Ibara/CAVE) Cosplay by Felonia
  7. Version 1.20

    1 download

    Shooting "GALAXY FRONTIER" set in the universe. A dense time of less than 15 minutes to you. I developed it on Windows 7 but I think it will work on XP. It is made with "Cygwin + MingW" environment + "SDL".
  8. Gandalf42


    Version 1.00

    1 download

    Suddenly, the mysterious enemy that appeared from outer space. There is nothing to be a sudden attack and it is driven to destruction. In order to defeat the battlefield, you must approach instantaneously and destroy it at once with high firepower. Avoid enemy attacks with warps, move your aircraft, wield swords and defeat enemies. New sense Warp sword shooting.
  9. Gradius Desktop Wallpaper 1920x1080 by JuanJoseTorres
  10. DoDonPachi DaiOuJou Wallpaper 1024x768
  11. Gandalf42

    Vic Viper by Hybridmink

    The Gradius V iteration, aka the greatest shmup ever made.
  12. Tribute to a one of the best Shooter saga of all time!!
  13. Revised version of my Vic Viper model. Basically I reworked the fuselage shader to get a more convincing look. Also some darkening was added to panel edges. Procedural battle damage was left mostly untouched, since it looked fine already. Modeled with Blender 2.68 and rendered with Cycles.
  14. Vic Viper T-301 Emblem by JoeFreakinRocks
  15. Ikaruga - Kagari, Shinra & ship drawn by Moto Murabito