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  1. dlh

    Hardware display!

    Show off your hardware!
  2. dlh

    What hardware do you use?

    I will probably get a Neo SD (possibly Pro) when (if?) they come down a bit in price.
  3. dlh

    What hardware do you use?

    I recently got a consolized MVS (and bought my first MVS game as you can see). Great system!
  4. dlh

    Upcoming shooters

    If you order the Special Edition TODAY on japanese Amazon you get a free DLC code fpr SAGAIA for GameBoy.
  5. dlh

    Whats everyone playing?

    Just a heads up that Garegga Rev. 2016 has a physical release in South Korea. https://www.play-asia.com/battle-garegga-rev2016/13/70bsdd
  6. dlh

    What hardware do you use?

    My main shmup systems are: Nintendo Switch, the new king of shmup consoles. If they'd just release more physical games... PC Engine with SSDS3. Play anything, ANYTHING with the SSDS3. Japanese Xbox 360 for Cave shooters.
  7. I'm building a PC Engine collection, I picked these up during the weekend. I love the Obey machine. So many fun shewties!