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Found 9 results

  1. Gandalf42

    Neo XYX Girl by Genzoman

    Hi there guys! There is another image I did the last year for NG:DEV TEAM for the upcoming game NEO XYX. This one was used on the back part of the package and keeps the same ScFi theme :) I hope you like it.
  2. Gandalf42

    Geist Force

    Geist Force
  3. Gandalf42

    Neo XYX

    Neo XYX
  4. Round IV with the Sega Dreamcast. This time with a complicated setup and even new lights that makes things look great. You're welcome 😃
  5. Gandalf42


  6. Gandalf42

    Last Hope - Pink Bullets

    Last Hope - Pink Bullets
  7. In this video I check out Millennium Soldier - aka - Expendable on the Dreamcast. A game that came out on the Windows PC in 1998, on the Dreamcast in 1999 and on the original Playstation in 2000 This game is currently available as a digital (DRM-free!) download on the "Good Ol' Games" (GOG dot COM) as "Expendable" for $5.99 (Thanks RowdyRob)
  8. Dreamcast to HDMI setup: TO be used in Bullet Heaven and Sega Dreamquest! Dreamcast ► Demilo DC to VGA ► VGA to video converter and scaler ► HDMI to XRGB Framemeister for forced 4:3 Aspect ratio from 16:9 ► HDMI to Elgato HD60 for 60 FPS capture ► PC record. Made with PORTTA PETVRHP VIDEO CONVERTER - SPDIF/COAX CONVERTER 1080p SCALER Get it here: https://tinyurl.com/y9ey6tvp Outside Canada: https://tinyurl.com/ya4jofay
  9. Mark Plays... Fast Striker by NG:Dev.team (not a soccer game!) Maniac shooting game ver 1.5 Gameplay and talkie, Let's play Okay so I didn't read the manual before playing the game. I guess I should have as it is quite handy to know what the different buttons do: Move the ship with the analog or the thumbpad Yellow (X) = front shot Red (A) = rear shot Blue (B) = Green (Y) = autofire Right Trigger = Shield Holding X or A includes precision movement Stage 1: City Blues Stage 2: Shakedown Stage 3: Tracklights Stage 4: SpaceZone Stage 5: Mesma Stage 6: Hypno Programming / main game design: Timm Hellwig Additional game design graphic design: Rene Hellwig Music: Christian Wederhausen Ronny Leuendorf Voice Engineering: Rafael Dyll Character art: Steven Wen Antone Pires Quality Assurance: Aventus Kgenjuro Large LFO Plamso Robert Garcia Runefaust Zty http://www.ngdevteam.com