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Found 12 results

  1. In this video I do a little comparison of the Defender game on both the C64 and the VIC-20. There even seems to be a huge difference in game play when it comes to the NTSC and the PAL C64 version in favour of the NTSC version.
  2. This time no game character but a game that has been ported many times. It is amazing to see that some ports even copy the handwritten Williams by 'handwriting' their own or the company name. Then there's the explosions that are all very similar. The game screen layout including the radar - which does not really seem to work properly in the c64 version I got - is very very similar for quite a number of the ports. The two Odyssey2 games that flash in between somewhere don't really belong but do resemble the gameplay just a tad. But I had it connected so I thought ...'what the hell'...
  3. 'Spectrecular' A small series on my favorite games on the ZX Spectrum by Clive Sinclair. A z80 powered machine with a rubber keyboard, games loaded from compact casettes which could be found in a lot of kid's bedrooms in the early 80's. It was either this machine or a Commodore 64 back in those days. Although Amstrad CPC and MSX were also very popular. Acorn Electron and the BBC were also well known systems back in the day and European multiformat games-magazines often featured screenshots of gamed for PC, C64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and the BBC. The emphasis was on home computers and not so much consoles. Games on consoles often were far mor expensive than games on the Speccy or the other home computer systems back in the day. I hope you like this first episode of the first part in this series on some of my favorite spectrum games and games that I re-discover on the Speccy. But also games I see for the first time. I plan on doing this for more of my old home computer systems like the C64, Vic-20 and MSX. So stay tuned! 🙂
  4. LactobacillusPrime

    ZX Spectrum Gemini Wing vs The Arcade (SD) (SD)

    I take a look at Gemini Wing and compare (4:02) that to the Arcade release of the game (8:13).
  5. LactobacillusPrime

    Mark plays... Thunderfox on Atari 8bit (HD)

    In this video I am trying to play Thunderfox on the Atari 8-bit home computer range (800XL/130XE) and I talk a bit about the game, life, the universe and everything on the side. Thunderfox appears to be a Uridium clone - or as close to Uridium as you are going to get on the Atari I reckon. It plays a tad different though - so different in fact that I have no idea how to play this. The son of the game creator got in touch with me and pointed me towards this review which explains how to play this gem of a game properly: http://abscape.org/legeek/f_atarian_s2_thunder.htm
  6. Lloyd Alpha (α ROID) is a great little game produced by Pony Canyon in 1986. In it you have to destroy the evil forces of the Barugosu and repair the main computer. Well that is as elaborate as the background story of this shooter is going to get. In my little gameplay (I didn't really know how to play this game) I didn't go into the holes (craters) that appear on the surface. And you are supposed to do so. Fly into those and the game turns into a little fighting game where you have to hit, kick, jump around to battle against those meanies. So there's more to this game than meets the eye. Check it out for yourself. Here's a little clip of a guy who actually knows how to play this game and it shows the subterranean battling of the robots http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQL_fWcT0Pc
  7. After playing the wickedly hard Atari 2600 version and the Intellivision port I tried the game on the c64 which is the native platform I played this game on the first moment I laid eyes on it. For me this is the version I am best at - I use the Suzo Arcade Stick which is an excellent stick for this game on the C64. I dare you to beat my highscore on the C64 port of the game 'Beamrider' if you can please try to make a video response and reply to this video! Beamrider is a game by Activision and it has also been ported to other platforms like the Colecovision, Intellivision, Atari 8 bit, Commodore 64. The scoring seems to be the same on the other platforms, yet the difficulty seems to be a little different so scores may not be comparable across the various systems. Recorded off the computer through a composite video lead with Archos 605 Media recorder - zoomed in every so slightly to accommodate the widescreen format but with the correct aspect ratio. If you do a video response real hardware or emulation is fine. I will ask Interghost to put this C64 challenge video on his Retro Records blog. You can find that great initiative for competitive arcade high scores here: http://interghosthouse.blogspot.co.uk/ Score: 23750, Sector 13 @ Level 1, 3 lives
  8. LactobacillusPrime

    Mark Plays.... Beamrider (ZX Spectrum)

    Playing yet another port of this game - did a couple of other videos on the game on various other systems - but this is quite different from the rest in quite a few ways. Check out the video and see what I think of it and how I fared.
  9. A very nice shmup published by Faster Than Light on the Spectrum (also ported to the Amstrad CPC and C64 home computers) in 1986. Thanks to Mat Howlett for pointing this game out to me.
  10. More Tea, Vicar? Great shooter on the ZX Spectrum with a 128k and a separate 48k release sporting a different 4th level. The 128k version has advanced sound. I am using a Javascript Emulator to play this game on my PC as I couldn't find a working copy of the game to load into my Speccy. If you want to play it online? Here you go: http://torinak.com/qaop#!moreteavicar It is actually possible to save a snapshot from within the emulator and that actually does work in on my spectrum. But alas I already made this video using the emulator itself. 😛 Thanks to Vectrex Roli for mentioning this game to me! Intro tune by Synthmonkey aka ZombieAndy1979 aka Andy C
  11. In this video I check out a ZX Spectrum port of a Videopac/Odyssey 2 game called Attack of the Timelord / Terrahawks. It's a fun shooter that I demonstrated a while ago in one of my videos. Only just discovered that a Spectrum port exists. You can find more information about it here: http://www.indieretronews.com/2014/07/terrahawks-videopac-homebrew-release.html
  12. I am playing a port of the Namco arcade game on the BBC model B. The 80s saw a whole range of unofficial arcade ports across the home computer systems that were very popular in Europe back in the day. Arcadians was developed by Aardvak Software (great name) and was published by Acornsoft. It came out on the BBC M and also the later Acorn Electron. The latter basically is a cut down slower version of the BBC M and more of a games machine than the BBC M. Check out how I did. My commentary really is quite off the cuff here so a couple of ahs and uhms will be audible. Nor do I claim to be factually correct on all the things I say. Enjoy the gameplay.