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Found 61 results

  1. Gandalf42

    Scramble Arcade Flyer 02

    Scramble Arcade Flyer 02
  2. Gandalf42

    Scramble Arcade Flyer 01

    Scramble Arcade Flyer 01
  3. Gandalf42

    Anthropomorphic Vic Viper - Gradius

    Anthropomorphic Vic Viper - Gradius
  4. winBee and WinBee drawn by Eru (kawaeru)
  5. Gandalf42

    Vic Viper Ver 02b by K3fukuyama

    Vic Viper Ver 02b by K3fukuyama
  6. Gandalf42

    Vic Viper by Danny420dale

    Vic Viper by Danny420dale
  7. Gradius Desktop Wallpaper 1920x1080 by JuanJoseTorres
  8. Gandalf42

    Vic Viper by Hybridmink

    The Gradius V iteration, aka the greatest shmup ever made.
  9. Tribute to a one of the best Shooter saga of all time!!
  10. Revised version of my Vic Viper model. Basically I reworked the fuselage shader to get a more convincing look. Also some darkening was added to panel edges. Procedural battle damage was left mostly untouched, since it looked fine already. Modeled with Blender 2.68 and rendered with Cycles.
  11. Vic Viper T-301 Emblem by JoeFreakinRocks
  12. Gandalf42

    Gradius by JonBland

    Gradius by JonBland
  13. Gandalf42

    Life Force by JonBland

    Life Force by JonBland
  14. Vic Viper CAD Screen 10 by myname1z4xs
  15. Gandalf42

    Vic Viper 2 by JonBland

    Vic Viper 2 by JonBland
  16. Byakuren Hijiri, Nue Houjuu, Suika Ibuki and Sin Sack Parodius and Touhou drawn by Cyoppu
  17. Gandalf42


  18. Gradius is a game a lot of people who are familiar with the Shmup genre are familiar with. It is just not a simple little shmup that can be found on many platforms but there's a link to a very well known game that a lot of people are not aware of. The Gradius series actually originated with the game of Scramble (1981). At least perhaps not right away but the company shows us in the FMV intro sequence of the Gradius Galaxies/Gradius Advance series (2001) on the Gameboy Advance. Gradius, Nemesis, Parodius, Salamander, Lifeforce are all games set in the same universe and are all created by Konami. Enjoy!
  19. Gyruss is a very nice shmup that is very similar to Galaga and Galaxian only with a conical/wrapping screen lay out and some fancy emulated ' scaling' effects creating a 3D look. In this video I check out 3 ports and talk a bit while I play the games - rather badly actually. 🙂 I couldn't find my C64 version but that is well worth playing and checking out and quite close to the arcade game actually. Are there other ports out there?
  20. LactobacillusPrime

    Mark plays... Space Manbow (MSX2)

    Space Manbow by Konami was a great shmup that shared a lot of family resemblances to Gradius and Parodius. It featured a very similar weapons system. A great game and a must-have for any MSX2 owner who likes shmups. Sadly this game never was released outside of Japan. It did come out on cell-phones/mobile phones in Japan in 2006 and it came out on the Wii's Virtual Console in 2009, sadly also Japan only. The game only comes on cartridge and it features a special SCC soundchip that greatly enhances the sound capabilities of the MSX2 platform. A great looking, sounding and playing game.
  21. A great game from the Gradius series, this is the Gofer Gradius II game on cd-rom running on the Duo-R/PCEngine console. There's also a port of this game on the MSX systems. One of the amazing features of this game is the giant suns and firebird on the first level. Hard as nails! In 1985 Konami released a great game called Gradius (also known as Nemesis) in the arcades but also on home computer systems and consoles. It was heavily inspired after Scramble which was released in 1981 and is considered the precursor or start of the series. In this video I play all the MSX cartridges that I own of the series. There are more games for the MSX though and a whole plethora on other systems as well. One of my favorite shmup series.
  22. Gradius II by The GRA2 Project which is is a port of the MSX version of Gradius II. Other ports exist for the X68000 each a little different from the other. Nemesis'94 is a much more faithful port then the Nemesis'90 KAI that was released before this port, as the only major thing changed from the MSX version was the graphics and music. It does not have the extra stages and bosses from Nemesis '90 Kai. This is actually an unofficial port made by a fan. Nemesis'90 KAI is another enhanced remake of Gradius 2 with graphical quality on par with Gradius III. It includes two new stages exclusive to this version of the game, and 4 new bosses (two of which replace the rematches fought in the MSX version.) May have to show that too at some point. Of course my gameplay was so bad that I couldn't show you much. 😛
  23. Sexy Parodius Konami Tribute by Santi Ikari
  24. Diol Twee Otomedius drawn by Yoshizaki Mine
  25. Flintlock Konami and Xexex drawn by Fujiwara Hisashi