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Found 20 results

  1. Version

    1 download

    At first glance, Dragon Spirit looks just like any other vertical shooters, except that you ride a dragon instead of a spaceship. Once you spend some time with the game, however, you will find many neat differences that set it apart from most shooters. Your goal is to go through 9 stages to rescue your sister and her maids from an evil demon called Zawel. When you start the game, you can breath only a puny single-shot fire blast, but you will slowly grow to become a three-headed flame breathing monster. Yes, you can grow heads in this game - just one of the neat power-ups you can find. Other power-ups include firepower increase, speed boost, and calling up two "ghost" dragons to help your cause. Along with power-ups, there are also "power-downs" - bad items that you must avoid, lest they drain your power, etc. The difficulty system in Dragon Spirit is one of the most innovative ones you'll come across in a shooter. Once you beat the demon Zawel, you can go on to play the game in the "Blue Dragon mode" which is the normal mode. If you lose this one, you play the "Gold Dragon mode" which is an easier, shorter mode. This makes the game fun to players of all skill levels. Yet another innovative feature of Dragon Spirit is when you rescue the maids at the end of each stage. If you have "fulfilled" certain things, the maid will be visible and can help you. Last but not least, Dragon Spirit is very intuitive and easy to play. The graphics is no match for the crisp graphics of the original arcade game, but it is more than adequate - and almost on par with the official Amiga conversion.
  2. Gandalf42

    Xevious - Andor Genesis

    Xevious - Andor Genesis
  3. 3D scene featuring Pac-Man in a arcade cabinet or from a cabinet, since a tried to give a feeling like if you were looking from inside the screen.
  4. 3D Space Invaders Wallpaper 1920x1080
  5. Gandalf42

    Galaga by Amurcek

    PhotoShop and Illustrator CS3, Art originally by Capcom, I redid the logo for a arcade dealer that sells Capcom multicade games.
  6. Gandalf42

    Galaga by Drake7018

    Galaga by Drake7018
  7. Galaga of the Pewpew Collection by Brandon Stweart
  8. Gandalf42

    Galaga Battle by NeoWolfgang

    Galaga Battle by NeoWolfgang
  9. Gandalf42

    Lady Galaga by Weremole

    Lady Galaga by Weremole
  10. Gandalf42

    Inside Galaga by M7

    Inside Galaga by M7
  11. Gandalf42

    Galaga by Keredlo

    Galaga by Keredlo
  12. Gandalf42

    Xevious logo by RingoStarr39

    Xevious logo by RingoStarr39
  13. Gandalf42

    Galaga '88 logo by RingoStarr39

    Galaga '88 logo by RingoStarr39
  14. Gandalf42

    Galaga logo by RingoStarr39

    Galaga logo by RingoStarr39
  15. Gandalf42

    Galaxian logo by RingoStarr39

    Galaxian logo by RingoStarr39
  16. Gandalf42

    Bosconian logo by RingoStarr39

    Bosconian logo by RingoStarr39
  17. Gandalf42


  18. The sequel to Dragon Spirit, a game by Namco falling into the shmup category. Released in 1991 about 3 years after the 1st game. The cool bit about this game is that it actually has a two player mode which I can't show as I can't control two controllers at the same time. It features organic end-of-level bosses that you will find in many other shmups of this golden era of the shmup. The Wii (Virtual Console) as well as the Playstation (Namco Museum Encore) got ports of this game so it is also available on newer systems. If you are interested in the 1st game in this 2 game series check out Dave Webster's video on the 1st game called 'Dragon Spirit' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huQBLle9nqM This video was inspired by him as I heard him mention he didn't own the sequel so here's my little gameplay of it. Check out Dave Webster's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DaveWebster
  19. I play Cosmo Gang on my US Snes for SHMUP Saturday. Cosmo Gang: The Video is a fixed shooter arcade game that was released by Namco in 1991; it runs on Namco System 2 hardware, and is based on a redemption game called Cosmo Gang that was released in the previous year (and licensed to Data East for US manufacture and distribution). A sequel called Cosmo Gang: The Puzzle was released in 1992 - and an adaptation of it with Pac-Man characters was released in 1993 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis under the title Pac-Attack. Namco later developed a Super Famicom conversion of this game, released on October 29, 1992; this version was re-released for the Wii Virtual Console on August 4, 2009. Although the arcade version was released in the United States both console releases were Japan-only. (Wikipaedia) Check it out at 60fps.
  20. Gandalf42

    My Arcade Galaga Micro Arcade

    A buddy of mine just sent me a link to this. Fits in the palm of your hand. The build quality is supposed to be good.. and the joystick unscrews to give you a d-pad. Looks like it's using a Nintendo-on-a-Chip and it's running the NES port.