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Found 12 results

  1. Emulation has been with us ever since the 80s. The Amiga was capable of running C64 software to some extend. The C64 had a basic ZX Spectrum Emulator. But for a long time these emulators just weren't up to the task of perhaps replacing the real deal, or providing us with an experience that some have a hard time distinguishing from the genuine article. Let's see how we fare when trying out various emulated systems on a PC... Originally this was a stream with Integrated chat Using multiple scenes YetiBlue USB Microphone Logitech Webcam WIndows 10 PC Streaming and capturing the images of a second emulation PC with the Avermedia Live Gamer Portable from within Open Broadcaster Software Emulation PC: i5 Haswell 3.5Ghz 4 cores 12 Gb RAM 256 Gb SSD 4x 2TB HDD 950GTX GPU Nvidia Logitech Rumblepad 2 Software: Launchbox 4DO - for 3DO emulation 1964_11 - for N64 emulation Atari800 - for Atari 8bit emulation Kat5200 - fot Atari 5200 emulation Demul - for Dreamcast and Naomi emulation Dolphinx86 5.x - for Gamecube and Wii emulation ePSXe - for PSX emulation FS-UAE - for Amiga / CD32 emulation FCeux - for Nintendo emulation Fusion364 - for Sega emulation Hatari - for Atari ST emulation Mame 0.149 - for Arcade emulation Mess 0.151 - for Multiple system emulation Mupen64_0.51 - for N64 emulation Mupen64+++ Beta - for N64 emulation Nebula Nemu Nestopia - for Nintendo emulation NullDC - for Dreamcast emulation PCSX2 - for Playstation 2 emulation PCSX - for Playstation emulation Project 64 / Project 64 1.6 / Project 64 1.7 / Project 64 2.1 - for N64 emulation PPSSPPBlue / PPSSPPGold - for Sony PSP emulation Retroarch - for multiple system emulation SainT - for Atari ST emulation Snes9x-1.52/1.53/1.55 - for Snes emulation Specteculator - for Spectrum emulation UltraHLE VisualboyAdvance - Gameboy Advance emulation WinVice - 3.1x64 - for Commodore 8bit emulation
  2. Outrun2 Arcade (PS3) running on the RPCS3 PS3 Emulator on PC I tried running the emulator on my old i7-2600 3.4Ghz with a GTX 950 Nvidia Graphics card on Windows 10 64bit. It ran great. Although using OBS to grab the screen at the same time does hinder the framerate. Still nice to see this runs - AMAZING - ! NOTICE: "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."
  3. I managed to get a PS3 Emulator called RPCS3 running on my PC. It's fairly easy to set up and I discovered 5 of my games would actually work with this emulator. The emulator uses the regular update file intended for the PS3 and you need to install that inside of the emulator. Then, if you have a compatible bluray drive it is possible to dump the games, decrypt them and copy them inside the file structure of the emulator, much like the WiiU emulator does. It's far from perfect and certainly not full speed when grabbing the game footage with OBS at the same time. But I figured I'd share this amazing fact with you guys. It's fascinating to see software intended for a vastly different architecture just do its thing on the PC.
  4. LactobacillusPrime

    Checking out Armalyte (PC) (HD)

    Armalyte is very nice shoot 'em up video game developed by Cyberdyne Systems much in the style of Gradius with similar weapons upgrade features and large end-of-level Bosses. Armalyte was released for the Commodore 64 by Thalamus Ltd. There also was an Armalyte game out on the Amiga and the Atari ST but that was done by another company called Arc Development. Armalyte is actuallt the sequel to an earlier side scrolling shmup called 'Delta' but this first game was developed by a different team. So it's actually quite funny when you think about all these related games being developed by different teams and different developers even. Is it a good game, heck yeah! Gold Medal in issue 46 of Zzap!64 magazine, with an overall rating of 97%. This PC version done by http://www.psytronik.net is a masterpeace as it really captures the feel and gameplay of the C64 original yet with enhanced graphics and a great soundtrack. Kudos to the creator(s) at Psytronik. I would give this shmup an overall rating of 97% as well as it is still very playable and has 'upgraded' to PC quite well.
  5. LactobacillusPrime

    Mark Plays... Zaxxon (IBM-PC/MS-DOS)(CGA)(1984)

    Sega Enterprises released the game Zaxxon on various platforms, they also happened to release it on the old IBM-PC. I think it was best played with a joystick but as I don't happen to have one I am playing it with the keyboard. That is trying to play it with a keyboard. The ship needs repeated key-presses to move as there is quite bit of lag for it to move on its own. Everything seems to be there, a nice isometric game that seems to be tougher than the arcade port even. A definite must have in a retro arcade PC gaming collection I say. Check out how I did (poorly) in the video.
  6. LactobacillusPrime

    Mark Plays... Mutant Storm (PC)

    Another great Dual Analog Stick Shooter that really works well. This time Mutant Storm on the Windows PC platform. It works well with Logitech Rumblepad and Xbox360 controllers but you do need to configure the buttons/sticks in the options of the game. Once you have done that the game plays wonderfully. This audio in the game is quite special as well. It is best played in the dark with head phones on! Enjoy!
  7. Developed with the AGK^2 game developing kit this free game created by Binary Zoo turns out to be quite a nice GeoMetry Wars like twin stick shooter. If you want to find more about the AGK squared cross platform game developing software check out their website: http://www.appgamekit.com Check out more games from Binary Zoo here: http://www.binaryzoo.com/
  8. LactobacillusPrime

    Mark Plays... Waves (PC)

    In my search of good twin stick arcade shooters I hit upon this 2011 game called Waves. It's an excellent mix between Mutant Storm Reloaded and Geometry wars. I'd give it 89/100 It was developed by the Indie developer Squid in a Box, their website can be found here: http://www.squidinabox.com/ You want to play this too? Well it seems you can actually buy the game directory from the developer. But you can also get it from other distribution platforms. It's available on Steam here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/107600/ on Gamersgate here: http://www.gamersgate.co.uk/DD-WAVES/waves or Desura here: http://www.desura.com/games/waves
  9. Raptor: Call of the Shadows is a vertical-scrolling shmup on PC & MS-DOS by Cygnus Studios. It was published by Apogee Software on April 1st 1994 yet it wasn't a joke. It was a proper game. It has since then become available on other platforms like Windows, Linux, iOS and Mac OS. In the game you're a mercenary flying a fighter plane called ' a raptor ' and you're working for an evil company called MegaCorps. Basically the story is about big corporations going to war with their own air forces. There are differences between the various ports. In 1999. Mountain King Studios (same company different name) decided to make Raptor a native Windows program with only slight enhancements to the graphics and audio and it became possible to play the game with a controller. Actually this mode is preferred the keyboard and mouse modes are buggy at best. There's a DotEMU 2010 re-release of the game which is superior to the original Windows release. Another company Blitwise released a port to iOS devices in the same year, it basically is the MS-DOS port. Then there's another iOS release by DotEMU in 2011 which is based on the same enhanced Windows port they did in 2010. DotEMU decided to enhance the game even further in 2015 by releasing it on steam with cloud scoring features.
  10. LactobacillusPrime

    Mark Plays.... Nex Machina (PC)(60fps)

    A quick go at Nex Machina a new multiplatform (PC and PS4) twin stick shooter similar to Robotron/Bezerk/Expendable thrown in a blender with a hint of mint... Best viewed at 60fps. I easily would give this 10/10 but you do need to be prepared for trial and error and getting ready to die quite a bit in order to fully enjoy it. You need to learn to navigate certain screens so there's strategy, and learning involved as well. Enjoy.
  11. Tower 57 is available on PC (Stream, GOG.com), PS4 and the Next Gen Amigas developed by Pixwerk & published by 11 bit studios. It's a retro looking twin stick shooter where cooperation is important and you control a 3 headed task force. You need to complete tasks and and missions. It's a modern take on what old Amiga games used to look like. Chaos Engine from the Bitmap brothers comes to mind, as well as SmashTV. It features an isometric 16-bit pixel graphics style, has wonderful music that goes well with the game. It is best played with a controller that has two analog buttons, two shoulder buttons and triggers as well as four action buttons: ala xbox, xbox360, DualShock Playstation controllers or Logitech rumblepad controllers. In this video I try the game for the first time, it's not my most talkative first impressions video but I was just in awe of the game. Score: 8/10 P.S. They're also working on a Linux version!
  12. LactobacillusPrime

    Mark Plays....HyperSentinel (PC)(Steam)

    Hyper Sentinel, a retro gaming inspired shoot 'em up for Steam, PS4, Xbox One, Android and iOS. More information here: http://www.hypersentinel.com If you like Uridium or other side scrolling shooters from the good old days like Defender or more modern side scrolling shooters like Resogun on the PS4 - then this might be for you. The game shown in this video is purchased with my own funds. The opinion voiced in this video is my own. I am not sponsored by anyone to make this video. This video is not screened by anyone else but me before uploading this video. Score: 8/10