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Found 16 results

  1. Gandalf42

    Zaxxon Arcade Flyer 01

    Zaxxon Arcade Flyer 01
  2. Gandalf42

    Musha Aleste

    Musha Aleste
  3. Game: DonPachi (1995-1996) and it's sequel Dodon Pachi (1997-1998) Publisher: Cave, Falcom 1995-1998 Platform: Arcade, Saturn and PSX DonPachi is a vertical shmup - the games have something to do with honey bees as the title literally incorporates Bee in some form. There is a third part out on the Arcade platform and there exists a mobile phone version called DoDonPuchi. The gameplay actually feels quite a bit like that of Raiden - played that in another episode - albeit a lot more bullets are on the screen at the same time. The game is more 'bullet hell' like so many other Japanese shmups out there of that era. The thing with this game is that the 'bullet hell' is not so bad as there are many quiet areas on the screen that allow you to avoid getting hit. Like Raiden it is possible to somewhat survive on reflexes diving the bullets and no so much by memorizing the attack patterns. In the game you are a wannabe-pilot and you need to survive an 'eight year long training mission'. If you succeed you can join the ranks of the DonPachi elite battle squadron. The game consists of 5 levels and you can fire your weapon two ways: in short bursts and in a longer concentrated and more powerful beam. When you use the latter mode your ship can manvouvre at a much slower speed. So a combination of using both modes of firing is needed. This is the case in both games. The DoDonpachi is a lot more elaborate with tons of explosions, power ups and even more bullets on screen at the same time. The level of animation achieved in these games is of a similar quality as that found in NeoGeo arcade games. The 2nd game in the series has 7 levels, although the last level can only be reached when the player meets rather strict criteria. Once all areas have been fought a second loop starts with the same enemies but with even more bullets and explosive devices on the screen at the same time. The arcade machine displays these flawless The Playstation and Saturn versions are spot on and a must have if you love shmups of this era and own either console. The Playstation version even plays on the PSP through a PS3 !!!!
  4. In this video I check out Millennium Soldier - aka - Expendable on the Dreamcast. A game that came out on the Windows PC in 1998, on the Dreamcast in 1999 and on the original Playstation in 2000 This game is currently available as a digital (DRM-free!) download on the "Good Ol' Games" (GOG dot COM) as "Expendable" for $5.99 (Thanks RowdyRob)
  5. Dreamcast to HDMI setup: TO be used in Bullet Heaven and Sega Dreamquest! Dreamcast ► Demilo DC to VGA ► VGA to video converter and scaler ► HDMI to XRGB Framemeister for forced 4:3 Aspect ratio from 16:9 ► HDMI to Elgato HD60 for 60 FPS capture ► PC record. Made with PORTTA PETVRHP VIDEO CONVERTER - SPDIF/COAX CONVERTER 1080p SCALER Get it here: https://tinyurl.com/y9ey6tvp Outside Canada: https://tinyurl.com/ya4jofay
  6. Mark Plays... Fast Striker by NG:Dev.team (not a soccer game!) Maniac shooting game ver 1.5 Gameplay and talkie, Let's play Okay so I didn't read the manual before playing the game. I guess I should have as it is quite handy to know what the different buttons do: Move the ship with the analog or the thumbpad Yellow (X) = front shot Red (A) = rear shot Blue (B) = Green (Y) = autofire Right Trigger = Shield Holding X or A includes precision movement Stage 1: City Blues Stage 2: Shakedown Stage 3: Tracklights Stage 4: SpaceZone Stage 5: Mesma Stage 6: Hypno Programming / main game design: Timm Hellwig Additional game design graphic design: Rene Hellwig Music: Christian Wederhausen Ronny Leuendorf Voice Engineering: Rafael Dyll Character art: Steven Wen Antone Pires Quality Assurance: Aventus Kgenjuro Large LFO Plamso Robert Garcia Runefaust Zty http://www.ngdevteam.com
  7. Mark Plays.... Galactic Attack on the Sega Saturn, a shmup by Taito released in 1995. A great 2D game with sprite scaling-galore. This is were the Saturn was very good at. I thought I'd share this little gem of a Saturn Title we can tie ourselves over for the moment RetroGamerVX unleashes his 'Saturn Craze' upon us. We may as well get our bearings and shield ourselves just a little in order to keep at least a small part of our sanity. http://www.youtube.com/user/retrogamervx I'd give this game a healty 85% in all areas. Oh and I did make an earlier video on it back in 1999, but the quality was a bit shitty 😛
  8. LactobacillusPrime

    Mark plays... Zaxxon (Arcade) (HD)

    A link to a great comparison video by http://www.youtube.com/user/GamingHistorySource http://youtu.be/a9FDaHxVrCE Zaxxon, I believe this is one of the first isometric arcade games out there. It was developed and published by Sega in 1982 and one could call it a so called 'isometric shoot'm up'. Many ports were created on various platforms like: Apple II, Atari 8bit home computers, MS-DOS (CGA), Atari 2600, MSX, Commodore 64, Dragon32, Colecovision, Intellivision, Sega SG-1000, TRS 80 Coco. The 2600 and Intellivision versions didn't use the isometric viewpoint and are much unlike the others. The Amstrad CPC, BBC micro computer and Ti/99 reveived well done but unliscensed ports. Soundtrack intro created by http://www.youtube.com/user/ZombieAndy1979
  9. Silpheed is the name of the ship you fly in this 1988 game released on MS-DOS, it was originally developed on the PC8801 & FM-7 computer systems and later ported to MS-DOS, Apple II and the Tandy Coco (!!!). I originally encountered this game first on the SegaCD/MegaCD but that was a remake of the original shown here. A great sequel called Silpheed: The Lost Planet came out for the PlayStation 2 and I just happen to own that game as well so another video with that will probably pop-up eventually. There's also a Silpheed game on the xbox 360 which is called ' Project Sylpheed' which is totally different and I am not even sure I like it. Only tried the demo of it though.
  10. LactobacillusPrime

    Mark Plays... Zaxxon (IBM-PC/MS-DOS)(CGA)(1984)

    Sega Enterprises released the game Zaxxon on various platforms, they also happened to release it on the old IBM-PC. I think it was best played with a joystick but as I don't happen to have one I am playing it with the keyboard. That is trying to play it with a keyboard. The ship needs repeated key-presses to move as there is quite bit of lag for it to move on its own. Everything seems to be there, a nice isometric game that seems to be tougher than the arcade port even. A definite must have in a retro arcade PC gaming collection I say. Check out how I did (poorly) in the video.
  11. Tubers High Score challenges & Retro Records - Me trying to get a highscore in the Fantasy Zone... Tubers High Score Challenge - https://www.facebook.com/groups/802335853124213/?fref=ts Interghost's Retro Records - http://www.retrounlim.com/interghost/ Interghost's Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/interghost
  12. Gandalf42

    Bomber Raid (World)

    Bomber Raid (World)
  13. Gaia and Queen of Leezaluth Gaiares drawn by Daniel Oduber
  14. Version 1.0.0


    NOTE: This resource is merely a mirror of the original over at Retro Game Geeks. The Return Of The 'Real' KingBack in 1985 Sega released a game that would eventually go on to be completely ignored by almost everyone. With a concept to try and cash-in on the then huge popularity of 'The Transformers' and arcade games it would be one of the initial batch of titles released for the Master System and part of the small print run of games to be released on small plastic cards instead of just on cart.Decades later several like minded souls would unite under this banner of under appreciated gem in order to both create the internet's greatest retro site using it's central character as its mascot and supreme overlord and to bring it back for a new audience to discover.It's taken a while (all good things kinda do), but here is the triumphant return of the king of totally ignored games. Now 3 times its original size and with more Easter Eggs than a sweet shop in March RGG is proud to present this glorious PC remake, courtesy of Kristian Hawkinson. Dreams really do come true!So... umm, What's Happening?It seemed like things were finally starting to get back together after the Nuclear War of the solar year 2,000. People had emerged from their underground shelters. They built new towns, new forms of transportation. An all new society.But something has gone wrong. DALAUS, an artificial intelligence computer left over the now defunct regime is creating a dictorial empire. DALAUS is already gaining control control of one city - and it's rumoured that many of the guards are actually working for DALAUS. The only thing that can stop this treacherous takeover is the new CA-214, a sophisticated transforming combat astro-plane. The only person who can pilot this high-performance machine... is YOU!You'll have to destroy the enemy's ARM CARRIER. Then try to find DALAUS's hidden fortress and then destroy ELGRAMZON to rid the Earth of this evil influence forever.So Then... What's The Mission?Collect keys to open up the enemies base's then fight the guardian inside. Destroy the Arm Carrier's in order to obtain more powerful weapons with which to destroy your foes and secure freedom for the planet. Defeat waves of enemiesWho will stop at nothing to end you and who will fight hard to keep hold of the keys you need to complete your mission.Show Me The Maker So That I May Sing Songs Of His Victory The man with the plan, Kristian Hawkinson is a game developer of more than 20 years. With numerous projects under his belt and a long service medal from the international school of sex appeal he is responsible for the Transbot HD Remake. In his spare time he likes to play as many videogames as he can whilst making sure he respects both the 'Bloods' and the 'Crips' in his local restaurant... Additional HD Remake CreditsMusic: Ryan C. MyerGame Title Screen: Javier OlazabalGame Manual: Kristian 'CVGZ' HawkinsonTranslations: Gabriel 'Miracleman' FuentesBox Cover Art: Oliver 'Olly023' Monks Original game by Sega 1985/1986/1987/1992 All Rights Respected... All hail Transbot! OK! Question? Who's Your Daddy And What Does He Do?Transbot's original name was that of Astro Flash and was developed and released by Sega on December 22nd 1985. Later released in North America and Europe as Transbot it was also released by Tec Toy in Brazil in 1992. A Sega Mark III / Master System game it's a shoot 'em up game with two levels that repeats itself and as such is perfect for fans of 'High Scores'. For those wishing to know more about the original game and why we at RGG love him so much then click the button below.Transbot HD Game Specs: System: Windows 10/8/7/XPRAM: 4GB minimumControl: Keyboard / 360 Control Pad