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Found 15 results

  1. SHMUP Master End of the Year Update: In this video I ramble on about my future plans for SHMUP Master. I discuss the games I've been working on which include the SNES scroller HyperZone and the Capcom 1988 shooter Forgotten Worlds and it's litany of ports.
  2. SHMUP Master Present: Gradius [NES] Gradius is a game that requires no introduction. It is one of the most well known and influential SHMUPS ever created. Everything that can be said, has been said about this game. There are more 1CC runs of Gradius on YouTube than possibly any other SHMUP. Not to mention there are also countless videos and articles showcasing and explaining why Gradius is such an important and memorable game in the pantheon of SHMUPS. What more could possibly be said or done? Why would I choose Gradius to do a video on? Well, with some help from my good friend Brasel the Gamer, we found a way to do something different. A collaboration! And something that I *think* has never been done before. For quite a while now, the idea of "dueling" 1CC runs has been tossing around in my head. And by dueling I mean two runs, playing at the same time, perfectly in sync with each other, recorded by two different people. A comparison showcase of skills so to speak. In order to do this, I had to find the right person for the job. And luckily for me, Brasel stepped up to the plate and pulled it off, thus making my idea a reality. Brasel and I both recorded commentary together, commenting on the runs while they were playing simultaneously. Hopefully the result is interesting to watch and our play styles, while similar at times, often diverged quite a bit. I also did what I usually do, which was spice things up a bit (although not too much) with a nice overlay. I also created a 5 minute "instruction manual tour" at the beginning while Brasel and I shared our history with Gradius. Complete with every enemy in Gradius, reanimated in full 1080p! Hope everyone enjoys! Feedback and suggestions for future videos are always welcomed! *All SHMUP Master footage was captured on an original NES Model 2 console (modded for RGB Output) through a Framemeister using RGB at 60fps. *All Brasel the Gamers footage was captured via a model 1 NES through composite input.
  3. A cover of the stage 3 music in HyperZone on the SNES titled "Old Capital". Performed by: Julian V "Kogasu" Written by: Jun Ishikawa
  4. SHMUP Master Presents: Legendary Wings [NES] Legendary Wings is a SHMUP ported from the arcade to the NES in 1988 by Capcom. There isn't anything particularly great about it, but it's a fun, albeit easy romp. It's worth playing if you love 8-bit SHMUPS and don't want to deal with a super difficult game. This was the quickest I have ever been able to capture a 1cc run, which took me roughly 2 nights. I planned on just releasing the run with an overlay but then started adding things... and a month later, ended up with a fully produced video to go along with my 1cc run of the game. I'm fairly confident that no one has done a video quite like this before. I took the idea I started with my HyperZone video and expanded on it quite a bit. The end result is a "graphical guided tour" of sorts for Legendary Wings. I animated most of the enemies and bosses in the game and used them throughout my run to create a "video" outside the video, if that makes sense. My intention was to add to the experience of a game that is perhaps, a bit bland to watch at times. Hopefully spicing it up this way makes the game a bit more interesting than it actually is. Feedback and suggestions for future videos are always welcomed! *All footage was captured on an original NES Model 2 console (modded for RGB Output) through a Framemeister using RGB at 60fps. Also, please visit http://www.gamingrebellion.com. The official home of SHMUP Master!
  5. This is my 1cc no death run of Gradius 2 on the NES/Famicom featuring commentary. *All SHMUP Master footage was captured on an original NES Model 2 console (modded for RGB Output) through a Framemeister using RGB at 60fps. *This game was played using an original Famicom cartridge of Gradius 2. I used the Hyperkin Famicom Adapter so that it would work on the North American Hardware.
  6. My first VLOG episode for SHMUP Master! I will apologize in advance for my lack of energy (and the bead of sweat that kept appearing above my lip), I had gotten food poisoning the night prior and was not feeling particularly great. But the show must go on! I was also working out kinks in my lighting and as a result, the color temperature fluctuated a bit, hopefully it wasn't too distracting. In this inaugural episode I talk about my goals with SHMUP Master in 2018 (there are a lot), give some shout outs and layout the law for what I want this channel to be going forward. Feedback is always welcome and I'd LOVE some suggestions as to what people think of the ideas for this year and what games I should cover.
  7. The raw video of my run, with and without commentary will be posted at Speed Demos Archive in the coming weeks. I will post the link here when it becomes available. As for the video on this channel, this is my "World Record" run of HyperZone on the Super Nintendo complete with custom overlay, commentary and sprite work from the game. It was verified by SDA (Speed Demos Archive) and as far as I can tell, there is no one that has beaten this game faster. I put "World Record" in quotations because quite honestly, there aren't a lot of people vying for the title. None the less though, I was able to beat the previous run by TheSuperSNES by roughly 24 seconds. I owe the runner PJ a big debt of gratitude for his correspondence as well as giving me tips to help save time. Speedrunning isn't something you would normally associate with the SHMUP genre. But due to HyperZone, in essence, being a racer/SHMUP hybrid, it works as you must concentrate on not losing speed. There isn't any way to actually gain speed though, as you accelerate to 448 and no faster, but there are a plethora of things that will slow you down. So obviously, in order to pull off a great speed run you need to avoid as many obstacles and enemies as possible, as well as beat the bosses as fast as you can (among other tricks). I should also mention that this is the first speedrun I have ever completed. I have tried quite a few over the years but for one reason or another was never able to complete one. This time though, I finally managed to pull it off. It took 3 months of practice (as well sporadic play over the past 20+ years) and a whole lot of determination in order accomplish it. I feel it's a fairly entertaining run to watch and I tried to give an informative commentary track as well. Also something new I did for this run was create an overlay for the video to showcase the games ships, enemies, bosses etc. I also kept track of my score and played around with some cool effects. My hope is that it added to the experience of the run in a positive way. It's an idea that has been going around in my head for a while as a way to visually enhance my runs. Hopefully people agree. As is SHMUP Master tradition (and SDA rules), I used original hardware to capture the run. In this case, a SNES Mini model SNS-101, a Framemeister upscaler hooked up to an Extreme Cap U3 Capture Card for 1080p 60FPS footage. Although you may notice some distortion in the game footage. For whatever reason, (probably all the vertical scrolling and fast action) YouTubes VP9 encoding HATED this game.
  8. This is my Insector X 1CC/1LC run on Hard difficulty with commentary. It was recorded using an RGB cable on a model 1 Sega Genesis and then run through a Framemeister upscaler for maximum clarity. The capture card used was an Elgato 4k60 Pro through OBS Studio at 60fps and 1080p resolution. This run is what I would like to consider a throwback to the early days of my channel. I kept the produced segment as simple and basic as possible. I also tried to match my early style of making videos from 2014 (warts and all). This idea came about due to a friend of mine, Nefarious Wes, challenging me to attempt a 1cc of this game due to it's extreme difficulty. I accepted his challenge and after a month of practice, I managed to pull it off. Wes came along for the ride and we both did the commentary together. One of the toughest things about Insector X is the fact that there are no shields and if you get hit once, you die. Therefore I had to play absolutely perfect in order to capture this run, where as many of the previous games I tackled, I was allowed more than one hit. All in all Insector X is a pretty solid, albeit, basic early SHMUP on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. It's worth checking out if you haven't, and if you want to try and beat it normally, it is pretty forgiving when it comes to continues and free lives.
  9. SHMUP Master Presents: Abadox - The Deadly Inner War In this video I combined a roughly 6 minute review of Abadox and my 1CC/1LC no death run of the game. If you'd like to jump straight to the run you can do so at 5:49 This episode actually came about by accident as I was not planning on covering this game anytime in the near future. But when I got my new RGB modded NES I ended up giving it a shot and was able to capture the run without too much difficulty. Abadox is a relatively simple but fun SHMUP which I feel I was able to showcase pretty well in my run of the game. The review/produced section of the video was basically me experimenting with different effects, animation and editing techniques. I would best describe it as a fun experiment. So if you find that portion of the video a bit odd, I won't blame you :). The produced portion of this vid was also a massive technical challenge for me. On top of that, it was nearly lost. In the month since I captured my run of the game, we not only had a hurricane hit Florida, which delayed my production by over a week, but my computer crashed as well. Luckily, I had a backup copy of my work. However, when I went to import it into my editing software on my new PC, it wouldn't load. It took me another week to work it out and finally get my video up and running again (I was forced to re-do many of the effects though once I got it up again, which took more time), only to have more issues rendering it. Finally, I was able to get the video rendered (which took around 8 hours due to what I'm assuming was a corrupted file). And here it is! The Abadox video that almost wasn't! Feedback and suggestions for future videos are always welcomed! *All footage was captured on an original NES Model 2 console (modded for RGB Output) through a Framemeister using RGB at 60fps. Also, please visit http://www.gamingrebellion.com. The official home of SHMUP Master!
  10. Episode 3 of my SHMUP Master VLOG is the most personal video I have done. I decided to not only talk about my upcoming projects and shout outs, but to also fill you in on what's been going on in my world lately. Things have been rough for me on an emotional level as of late, so I figured I'd have some fun with that theme. I hope everyone enjoys!
  11. SHMUP Master Presents: Gradius 2 - An Introduction to a classic we never got in the West. Followed by a 4 way simultaneous 1cc run featuring Brasel the Gamer, The Bug Doctor and Nefarious Wes. Gradius 2 is of course, the sequel to the mighty Gradius, the SHMUP that arguably kick-started the entire genre. Sadly, upon it's initial launch in the arcades in 1988, it never left Japan. The game was however ported to the Famicom (and MSX) the same year, and the PC-Engine CD-ROM in 1992, but these ports never saw the light of day outside of Japan. Eventually, both versions were released to the West but not until nearly two decades later in 2006 and 2007 on the Gradius Collection (PSP) and Wii Virtual Console respectively. Overall, Gradius 2 is a bonafide classic. Every version of the game has something unique to offer. From the arcades smooth graphics and sounds, to the PC-Engines extra stage. But the version that really stands out is the Famicom port (it also features a unique stage). Mainly because it is just so technically impressive for a game on an 8-bit system. The soundtrack in particular is one of the best you will ever hear on the NES/Famicom. The soundtrack on this port is also arguably the best of the bunch as well and features many completely unique tunes. Combine that with a multitude of boss fights, hordes of enemies on screen at once, space dragons, solar flares, not to mention a speed zone and epic boss rush, and you've got yourself a SHMUP like no other on Nintendo's 8-bit hardware. I've wanted to cover the Famicom/NES version of Gradius 2 since I first found out about it several years ago. It's similarities to Life Force/Salamander were striking, but they are really quite different as well. I truly feel like this game, especially the NES/Famicom port is an under appreciated gem. Certainly worthy of the SHMUP Master treatment. If you recall my first Gradius video, then you will remember that it was a side by side 1cc featuring 2 simultaneous runs. Well, since Gradius 2 was such a quantum leap forward in comparison to the original, I wanted to up the ante accordingly for my video as well. For Gradius 2, I recruited 3 friends to help me 1cc this game. I then combined all of our footage and synced it up so you can watch and compare all 4 runs in real time. We all also recorded commentary together while watching the footage. I also animated every boss in the game, created custom overlays for each stage, and added an intro and outro discussion section at the beginning and end of the run. My solo run will be available in the near future. So keep an eye on the channel! *All SHMUP Master footage was captured on an original NES Model 2 console (modded for RGB Output) through a Framemeister using RGB at 60fps. *Brasel the Gamer and Bug Doctors footage was captured on original NES model 1 consoles using RCA cables. *Nefarious Wes captured footage using a Retron 5 through HDMI. *All 4 of us used original Gradius 2 Famicom cartridges. Myself, Bud Doctor and Brasel the Gamer used the Hyperkin Famicom adapter which allowed us to use the Gradius 2 cartridge on the North American NES console.
  12. SHMUP-bot

    The SHMUP Review: Pawarumi

    The SHMUP Review: Pawarumi For my very first episode of "The SHMUP Review", I am covering Pawarumi, a modern shooter released in 2018 by indie studio Manufacture 43. With this new series I will focus on reviewing modern SHMUPS as well as giving you the knowledge you need about the game and whether or not it is worth buying. As for Pawarumi, it's an ambitious game for a small studio and has a pretty unique weapon system that compliments it nicely. It's also rendered completely in gorgeous 3D (albeit, the gameplay is 2D in nature). The game also has a pretty unique look in terms of it's artistic style, a "Neo-Aztec" look if you will. And of course, as you'd expect, there is some frantic, intense shooting reminiscent of many games in the Bullet Hell genre. So what did I think of it? Watch the video and find out! Special thanks to Manufacture 43 for providing me with a review code to check out their game. It is greatly appreciated! *All footage was capped in true 4K at 30fps and played on a high end gaming rig using Steam.
  13. A Heavy Metal cover of HEAVY BLOW, the stage 3 music for the Famicom version of Gradius 2. Performed by: Julian V "Kogasu"
  14. In my second VLOG episode, I do a few quick shout outs and updates followed by... THE GAME ROOM! Granted, it's not anywhere near the insanity of a lot of these guys you see on YouTube with their wall to wall game collections. Mine is a bit more modest... Shall we say, quality over quantity perhaps? From my decent sized collection of Sega Genesis games, to my modest collection of NES and SNES carts, to my console graveyard, it's all here and in plain view. Complete with loads of cat hair and in beautiful 4k. Old beat up video games never looked so good! Special thanks to T-Rex Space Station for the SHMUP challenge and for creating some great gaming vids.
  15. SHMUP Master Presents: An Introduction to The Guardian Legend, followed by my 1CC run of the game in SHMUP mode with commentary. This is the first of several videos I will be releasing on this game in 2018. I have been wanting to cover The Guardian Legend since the inception of this channel. It took me a while to finally commit to it because, well, it's a massively influential game for me and for gaming in general. So I wanted to make sure I gave it the absolute best treatment possible. The first several minutes of the video are a tribute of sorts. This sequence was originally created for a collaboration last year on my friend Brasel the Gamer's channel. I decided to re-write the script, re-tweak the video, have Jared Waldo come back and narrate it, and re-render in 4k. So it looks and sounds a lot better than it did previously. I also figured it would make a good trial run for my upcoming, much bigger video on The Guardian Legend. And for people who aren't familiar with the game, a good primer of what to expect. At the 2:20 mark, the 1cc run officially begins. I do my usual commentary, but I wanted to present this run in a special way, while still maintaining the emphasis on the game footage and not detracting too much from it. I experimented with a lot of ideas in my previous "Legendary Wings" video, to mixed results and reception. So this time I wanted to still give a top notch presentation, but with the footage front and center at all times. As for the actual presentation, I animated every boss in the game, in 4k (and it took forever, many sprites I had to rip myself). And presented them to the side of the screen as they pop up in the game. So you get a nice clear view of the bosses while I am fighting them. The Guardian Legend has a TON of sprite flicker when you are fighting the bosses, so I figured that presenting them on the side, in crystal clear 4k would let people see them like they've never been seen before. One last note, The Guardian Legend is unique in that it is a hybrid game that can be played two different ways. You can play through the entire game proper, which is a combination of an over world map which you traverse and explore, with RPG elements and SHMUP "dungeons", or you can play the game in pure SHMUP mode. In order to unlock SHMUP mode you must first complete the game proper where you will receive the password TGL. Input this password at the beginning of the game and you can play all 23 SHMUP levels in sequential order and the game becomes a pure shooter. Pretty neat stuff! I hope everyone enjoys the video and as always, feedback and suggestions for future videos are always welcomed! *All SHMUP Master footage was captured on an original NES Model 2 console (modded for RGB Output) through a Framemeister using RGB at 60fps. *An Extreme Cap U3 lossless capture card was used to capture this run in 1080p. It was then upscaled to 4k for the clearest possible picture quality on original hardware.