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Found 13 results

  1. Playing a hidden gem on the original Xbox 'Robotron 2084' a port of the original arcade game on microsoft's first venture onto the online gaming market on the original Xbox. The game has an 'enhanced' background but for the most part remains pretty true to the arcade original. It is controlled by both analog sticks on the xbox controller and the gameplay is fluid and very nice. The game is very tough though as only 8 way shooting is possible allowing for 45 degree angles of vulnerability and lots of small objects being hurled your way. Loosing a life is easy! GamingHistorySources comparison of various other home ports: http://youtu.be/5vJuxdTRGQc Intro soundtrack by Andy C. aka SynthMonkey aka ZombieAndy1979 http://www.youtube.com/user/zombieandy1979
  2. This mode does exist in this C64 version and also on the Atari 8-bit version of the game! The C64 port of the game shown here running on a PAL C64G (the German Aldi version with the C128 CPU) playing with two Suzo Arcade Sticks in port 1&2. I run the program on the 1541UltimateII, the first version is trained and halfway the video I realize that and load up the cartridge version that is unmodified. Intro soundtrack by Andy C. aka SynthMonkey aka ZombieAndy1979 http://www.youtube.com/user/zombieandy1979
  3. LactobacillusPrime

    Mark plays... SmashTV (Arcade)

    This video was inspired by SteveBenway playing this game his Amiga, in the comments were quite a few comments on the missing dual joystick action and I thought I'd give the Arcade original a whirl. Steve's video can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEXM9D2_Uio Steve's channel can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/user/SteveBenway A nice comparison video on a lot of different ports: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGI9Hh4acvA A video on the excellent ZX Spectrum port: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-1C6rtLAl0 The Amstrad CPC version is very fast and plays well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xR5acvuDuCY
  4. LactobacillusPrime

    Mark Plays... Black Widow (Arcade)

    Black Widow is one of these shooters that has two joysticks to control the game the left one for movement and the right one for firing. It almost looks like Geometry Wars with a big Spider's Web yet this game is from 1982 and plays quite similar to Robotron or Smash-TV. Well worth checking out as there are ports for the original Playstation, Playstation 2, PC, XBox, XBox360 and even the NGage got a port! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dual Joystick Games worth checking out: ARMORED CORE 2 (PS2) ASSAULT Namco Museum 4 (PS1 and PSX Flight Stick) BATTLEZONE Atari Anniversary (PS1, Dreamcast) BATTLEZONE Atari Anthology (PS2, XBox) BLACK WIDOW Atari Anniversary (PS1, Dreamcast) BLACK WIDOW Atari Anthology (PS2, XBox) CROSS FIRE Sierra (Dreamcast Vice Commodore Emu) CROSS FIRE Sierra (Dreamcast Atari 800 Emu) CRAZY CLIMBER 2000 (PS1) CYBER SLED (PS1) ROBOTRON Atarisoft (Dreamcast Atari 800 Emu) ROBOTRON Williams Arcade Classics (PS1, Dreamcast) ROBOTRON Midway Arcade Treasures (PS2, Gamecube, XBox) ROBOTRON X (PS1) SMASH TV Arcade Party Pack (PS1) SMASH TV Midway Arcade Treasures (PS2, Gamecube, XBox) SPLAT Midway Arcade Treasures (PS2, Gamecube, Xbox) TOTAL CARNAGE Midway Arcade Treasures 2 (PS2, Gamecube, XBox) VIRTUA ON Sega Ages (PS2) VIRTUA ON MARZ (PS2) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Space Dungeon is one of these shooters that has two joysticks to control the game. The left one for movement and the right one for firing. It is very similar to Robotron 2084 or SmashTV. Well worth checking out yet the only home port of it in existence is on the 5200.
  6. LactobacillusPrime

    Mark Plays... 0 day attack on Earth (xbox 360)

    A cool twinstick shmup on the Xbox360 Live service. I try out the game and I test out streaming on twitchtv as well as Instagib. This was a trial stream over at twitchtv: http://www.twitch.tv/lactobacillusp It seems it is capable of a higher bitrate than instagib but Instagib still is my preferred site: http://instagib.tv/lactobacillusp Thanks for watching.
  7. LactobacillusPrime

    Mark Plays... Nano Assault NEO (WiiU)

    You need to stop the spread of the deadly Nanostray virus. You fight to make cells healthy again. Sounds like a boring biology themed bit of educational software disguised as a game but it is far from anything remotely educational. Nano Assault NEO is a great twin stick analog shooter on the WiiU - available as a downloadable game. You can play this without a TV - on the gamepad only! It also sports 2 player-cooperative play, one gamer plays on the WiiU gamepad and another plays on the TV. http://www.nanoassaultgame.com/neo/ Developer: Shin'en Multimedia Platform: WiiU Genre: Shoot 'em up / shmup America: US$9.99 Europe: €9.99/£8.99 Australia: AU$13.00 Japan: ¥1000 (8th June 2013) I completely forgot to use the RZ button. Hey it's me playing okay? 🙂 I captured this in 1080p and as my system is a little underpowered the footage is not as smooth as the actual gameplay on the WiiU. I think I'm much better off playing and capturing the games at 720p.
  8. LactobacillusPrime

    Mark Plays... Mutant Storm (PC)

    Another great Dual Analog Stick Shooter that really works well. This time Mutant Storm on the Windows PC platform. It works well with Logitech Rumblepad and Xbox360 controllers but you do need to configure the buttons/sticks in the options of the game. Once you have done that the game plays wonderfully. This audio in the game is quite special as well. It is best played in the dark with head phones on! Enjoy!
  9. Developed with the AGK^2 game developing kit this free game created by Binary Zoo turns out to be quite a nice GeoMetry Wars like twin stick shooter. If you want to find more about the AGK squared cross platform game developing software check out their website: http://www.appgamekit.com Check out more games from Binary Zoo here: http://www.binaryzoo.com/
  10. LactobacillusPrime

    Mark Plays... Waves (PC)

    In my search of good twin stick arcade shooters I hit upon this 2011 game called Waves. It's an excellent mix between Mutant Storm Reloaded and Geometry wars. I'd give it 89/100 It was developed by the Indie developer Squid in a Box, their website can be found here: http://www.squidinabox.com/ You want to play this too? Well it seems you can actually buy the game directory from the developer. But you can also get it from other distribution platforms. It's available on Steam here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/107600/ on Gamersgate here: http://www.gamersgate.co.uk/DD-WAVES/waves or Desura here: http://www.desura.com/games/waves
  11. Playing Geometry 3 Android Port on an Android gaming handheld GPD-XD. Using the HDMI output feature to display the screen on the TV and to grab it with a video capture card. This is an excellent port that is also quite playable on a touch screen only device. It has an auto aim feature when using a touch screen that makes playing it with one finger possible. Of course you won't be able to get the same high scores as the auto-aim isn't the most clever system but still. For a full review of the GPD-XD check here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dijYHMTY74I Gaming on Android Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLm6lVTBc6QVRVlpTpH0qp6qIIi3O5Svf3
  12. LactobacillusPrime

    Mark Plays.... Nex Machina (PC)(60fps)

    A quick go at Nex Machina a new multiplatform (PC and PS4) twin stick shooter similar to Robotron/Bezerk/Expendable thrown in a blender with a hint of mint... Best viewed at 60fps. I easily would give this 10/10 but you do need to be prepared for trial and error and getting ready to die quite a bit in order to fully enjoy it. You need to learn to navigate certain screens so there's strategy, and learning involved as well. Enjoy.
  13. Tower 57 is available on PC (Stream, GOG.com), PS4 and the Next Gen Amigas developed by Pixwerk & published by 11 bit studios. It's a retro looking twin stick shooter where cooperation is important and you control a 3 headed task force. You need to complete tasks and and missions. It's a modern take on what old Amiga games used to look like. Chaos Engine from the Bitmap brothers comes to mind, as well as SmashTV. It features an isometric 16-bit pixel graphics style, has wonderful music that goes well with the game. It is best played with a controller that has two analog buttons, two shoulder buttons and triggers as well as four action buttons: ala xbox, xbox360, DualShock Playstation controllers or Logitech rumblepad controllers. In this video I try the game for the first time, it's not my most talkative first impressions video but I was just in awe of the game. Score: 8/10 P.S. They're also working on a Linux version!