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Science Fiction has always been a favorite genre of mine in both literature and movies/TV.  I have fond memories of watching re-runs of the original Star Trek series with my father when I was a kid.  I saw all of the Star Wars movies in the theater when they first aired... The original Star Wars I actually saw in an old drive-in theater (long since gone) that was near where I grew up.

Recently, for me, I've really been digging The Expanse.  I was very happy to hear that Amazon rescued it after it had been cancelled.  It has a very Arthur C Clarke feel to it... I suppose the author of the book, James S. A. Corey, was probably a fan.  I also really enjoyed the reboot of Lost in Space and Superman spin-off Krypton.  Of course, I've been a long time watcher of Doctor Who as well..  Starting in 1974 just during the end of Pertwee's reign as Doctor.

So what is your favorite sci-fi?  Movies or series.  Let up know what you like and what you're currently watching.  Movies, TV, Anime, whatever.

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