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'New' Retro gaming PC

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I just put together a retrogaming PC as my new Windows 10 machine won't play quite a few of the old games anymore. There's releases on Steam and on GOG that just won't work on a Windows 10 machine anymore. So I decided to go the Windows XP route. 

Windows XP runs really well on the last generation of hardware that was current when XP was in it's last days. And hardware support beyond that period quickly dwindled. So for a fast and speedy Windows XP system you really need hardware that has solid Windows XP driver support. And 32bit Windows XP is the best route to go as XP-games will only use the 32 bit Windows subsystem anyways. I figured I'd be able to shoehorn MS-DOS compatibility into the system as well while still have it a capable Windows gaming rig.

So I ended up with a bit of an overkill system from old parts that we had laying around:
Windows XP 32bit
Core i7 1st gen
16Gb DDR3 RAM - only 4Gb is used but it dual boots to Linux 64 bit
4:3 HP monitor


Dell USB keyboard
Logitech wireless mouse
Xbox360 gamepad
USB Floppy drive
Parallel port IOMEGA ZIP100 drive.
LG Bluray DVD-rom/burner which may get swapped out for a black face plated DVD/CD-burner

Windows98/XP games run great on it
MS-DOS does sometimes run quite adequately on the Command promt but also DOS-BOX helps out a lot.
No native MS-DOS/PC-DOS partition yet.



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