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Can emulation replace an entire game room/collection? (Including 2 long videos)

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Emulation has been with us ever since the 80s. The Amiga was capable of running C64 software to some extend. The C64 had a basic ZX Spectrum Emulator. But for a long time these emulators just weren't up to the task of perhaps replacing the real deal, or providing us with an experience that some have a hard time distinguishing from the genuine article. 

Let's see how we fare when trying out various emulated systems on a PC...

Originally this was a stream with 
Integrated chat
Using multiple scenes

YetiBlue USB Microphone
Logitech Webcam
WIndows 10 PC Streaming and capturing the images of a second emulation PC with the Avermedia Live Gamer Portable from within
Open Broadcaster Software

Emulation PC:
i5 Haswell 3.5Ghz 4 cores
12 Gb RAM
256 Gb SSD
4x 2TB HDD
950GTX GPU Nvidia
Logitech Rumblepad 2


4DO - for 3DO emulation
1964_11 - for N64 emulation
Atari800 - for Atari 8bit emulation
Kat5200 - fot Atari 5200 emulation
Demul - for Dreamcast and Naomi emulation
Dolphinx86 5.x - for Gamecube and Wii emulation
ePSXe - for PSX emulation
FS-UAE - for Amiga / CD32 emulation
FCeux - for Nintendo emulation
Fusion364 - for Sega emulation
Hatari - for Atari ST emulation
Mame 0.149 - for Arcade emulation
Mess 0.151 - for Multiple system emulation
Mupen64_0.51 - for N64 emulation
Mupen64+++ Beta - for N64 emulation
Nestopia - for Nintendo emulation
NullDC - for Dreamcast emulation
PCSX2 - for Playstation 2 emulation
PCSX - for Playstation emulation
Project 64 / Project 64 1.6 / Project 64 1.7 / Project 64 2.1 - for N64 emulation
PPSSPPBlue / PPSSPPGold - for Sony PSP emulation
Retroarch - for multiple system emulation
SainT - for Atari ST emulation
Snes9x-1.52/1.53/1.55 - for Snes emulation
Specteculator - for Spectrum emulation
VisualboyAdvance - Gameboy Advance emulation
WinVice - 3.1x64 - for Commodore 8bit emulation

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This is a great video Mark.  Really one of my favorites that you've produced.

Emulation- It's not really there yet from a purist perspective.  There are still a lot of incompatibilities and inaccuracies... but it is getting better all the time.  Also, with everything going digital you have to consider that, from this point forward, people are really just paying for a limited license.. and people, at least from the console perspective, probably won't see much of a difference in emulation over a console hardware experience once the emulation gets "goon enough".

Do you think console manufacturers are going to care about your licensed game from the first xbox once xbox 6 is out?  Hell no, its all about the immediate cash grab..   without a physical copy of a game, this is really the only method for historical preservation.

Great work.

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