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Upcoming shooters

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Darius Cozmic Collection

Gematsu is reporting Taito's announcement of next years release of the Darius Cozmic Collection for the Nintendo Switch.

The Standard edition will be ¥5,200 and have four arcade entries.

  • Darius (Arcade)
  • Darius II (Arade)
  • Sagaia (Arcade)
  • Darius Gaiden (Arcade)

The Special edition will be ¥16,800 and also include five console ports.

  • Darius Twin (Super Famicom)
  • Darius Force (Super Famicom)
  • Sagaia (Sega Master System)
  • Darius II (Mega Drive)
  • Darius Alpha (PC Engine)

The Special edition also includes the following items.

  • Darius Arrange CD
  • Darius Official Materials Book
  • Miniature Acrylic Marquee

This looks like a really nice release.  Makes me wish I'd hopped on the Switch bandwagon when it was first released.  It's turning into quite the console for shmups.

Hope this gets a physical release state-side.. or that it's, at the very least, region free.

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For anyone who is into Commodore 64 shmups- If you missed out on the Kickstarter for Galencia 2, they are running a limited campaign over on Indiegogo where you can reserve your copy of the backers edition of the game.  Comes with extra modes, big box, cartridge, posters and a model of the ship.

Limited time.. so if you want to get in on it, act fast.  Indiegogo Link.

00.thumb.png.3aafd6405630a06ee0ebb998368a3cc1.png  02.png.91439fef9bf2ab5986a809cc2a464879.png

04.png.f38cca4d70f7e7e1eb3b4befd225316f.png  06.png.0165ad7a39b728a2ecb6f3d0e77d0b93.png  02.gif.c7a00ba56c16d077f9d41097643df83d.gif

07.png.02fdd4c1fdf55e04c452e519394a9aec.png  08.png.e793b49c94400725eb0bd9a9fef38ab3.png



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Yeah, I missed out it on the first round on KickStarter.  I'm glad they decided to give everyone a second shot at it.

Can't wait to play Gyrush mode.  Looks fun.

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If you order the Special Edition TODAY on japanese Amazon you get a free DLC code fpr SAGAIA for GameBoy.

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Touhou Project shoot’em-up Touhou Azure Reflections is set to launch on the Nintendo Switch eShop in Japan on August 30th, 2018.  Developed by Souvenir Circ. and published by Unties.

I really hope we get a physical release for this game at some point.

Here is the publishers overview:


Dominate levels and relentlessly attack enemies with a variety of skills and upgrades. All three playable characters Reimu, Marisa, and Cirno have heavy hitting spell cards, bullet-absorbing barriers, and a powerful body slam. Azure Reflections puts a spin on the traditional Touhou vertical shooter, boasting intense shoot’em up action from a horizontal perspective.

Work towards the high score by blitzing down hordes of enemies and showing off just what the girls are capable of in competitive online leaderboards.

Show off the girls’ fashion sense by collecting tokens to accessorize them with and prepare for battle. Accessories are fashionable and functional, improving loadouts with auto-fire, drop rate increases, halved stun time, and more.

Famous doujin artists from Croixleur Sigma have crafted a cute and colorful, but troubled world with Touhou Project fan favorites Reimu and Marisa. The Ordinary Magician Marisa, Hakurei Shrine’s Maiden Reimu, and The Little Ice Fairy Cirno now must reunite to uncover a familiar evil from Scarlet Devil Manor and protect Gensokyo in this whimsical journey. Azure Reflections’ story branches based on performance against adorably ruthless bosses.

Source: Famitsu (Gematsu)

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The Wings of Bluestar Kickstarter is live.  It looks like a rather sweet game.  I just wish there was a non-Steam option to purchase the game.. as that kind of counts me out.  Now if we could get distribution on GOG, Humble or even Itch.io... that would be another story.  Physical release would be even better, perhaps a partnership with Limited Run Games?   Dunno.  I'm just spit-balling here. :classic_biggrin:

But, if you like shooters, and don't mind supporting Steam, then swing by their page and show some support.

You can download a playable demo of the game here.

2.gif.be11a58978a1a76b0e704c5f016974f1.gif 1.gif.2273c8cadd9e3c0eaa32daa3b2ef93f2.gif  3.gif.772d1b48c4f59a41bd5a6f62e33e3542.gif


Wings Of Bluestar is 2D hand drawn horizontal shoot'em up that combines core arcade gameplay with modern home console features, like a story mode in a visual novel style with dialog choices, trophies, artworks to unlock using in game collected points, new game modes to unlock like the Boss Rush etc.

  • Platform: Steam (Windows as a primary goal).
  • Control: gamepad/arcade stick and keyboard.
  • Language: English.
  • Number of players: One or two in local multiplayer (not included in the demo).
  • Leader board: yes (not included in the demo).
  • Difficulties: 4.
  • Saving: yes (one profile).
  • Steam Achievements: yes.
  • Description: Shoot'em up, shmups, arcade. 
  • Release date: Middle of 2019.


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Ketsui Deathtiny: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi for PlayStation 4 [Digital|Physical] due out November 29th, 2018.

M2 has announced the release of Ketsui Deathtiny: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi.

Here's the official website.

Digital is priced at ¥3700 with two DLCs available at ¥800 each.  There will also be a physical release which includes both DLCs priced at ¥6800.  The first print run will also include a special 48 page booklet.

You can place your pre-orders on Play-Asia.com.

Ketsui-Deathtiny-Kizuna-Jigoku-Tachi_2018_08-06-18_001.thumb.jpg.c581aae6f0b1c9c34fc156533ecccd06.jpg Ketsui-Deathtiny-Kizuna-Jigoku-Tachi_2018_08-06-18_006.jpg.bffa8978b48b15eb233083f3a067c7a2.jpg

Ketsui-Deathtiny-Kizuna-Jigoku-Tachi_2018_08-06-18_008.jpg.e4d21d548e26a238ac3ccd6b339c23ac.jpg Ketsui-Deathtiny-Kizuna-Jigoku-Tachi_2018_08-06-18_009.jpg.3af2688de87349f166faae404151f64b.jpg

Ketsui-Deathtiny-Kizuna-Jigoku-Tachi_2018_08-06-18_004.thumb.jpg.21c73ac0cf483757b5e9cc4ac4a2a63d.jpg Ketsui-Deathtiny-Kizuna-Jigoku-Tachi_2018_08-06-18_003.thumb.jpg.a7277289450fb407b0fdca09de0c5b8c.jpg

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PSIKYO Collection Volume 1 [Switch]


Psikyo Collection Vol. 1 is heading to Nintendo Switch, squeezing four currently available eShop titles into one juicy bundle.

The four titles included are Strikers 1945, SOL Divide, Samurai Aces, and Gunbird, all of which are classic, arcade-style scrolling shooters.  All four games were originally released in the '90s, each with their own slight twists and different sets of playable characters.  While this collection seems to be pretty bare-bones and "limited", it's always nice to have a physical release of eShop-only games. especially if they are arcade classics.

You can place your pre-orders on Play-Asia.com.

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The updated version of the Thalamus classic Hunter's Moon has recently seen a digital release over on itch.io.  This is a game that I have fond memories of playing back in the day.


From the site:

Memlog Hunter.10/thmw1: ‘Lost in space. Surrounded. Strange structures that build themselves – hive-like. And at their core, alien starcells... Must get home. Back to Hunter’s Moon. Must... survive! Am attacking now – full thrust – cannons locked in – FIRE!’ Little do you know what you face: over 180 levels of galactic mayhem. Hope you are a CLEVER psychoblaster – or else...'


Originally released in 1987, Hunter's Moon is a strategic shoot 'em up set in deep space. Beautifully presented and thoughtfully designed, the game became an instant classic thanks to its measured balance of strategic planning and psychotic blasting. Boasting one of the earliest uses of procedurally-generated content in a computer game, Hunter's Moon pushed the boundaries of the genre and helped redefine what a shoot 'em up could be.

Hunter’s Moon Remastered is a fully remastered, overhauled, and updated version of the seminal C64 shoot ‘em up. The game has been remastered for C64 cartridge and boasts a host of amazing new features including over 50 new levels, 5 new star systems, new level types, new music, new playing modes, stunning intro and outro sequences, built-in level editor, and enhanced presentation including foreign language support.


After flying your trusty ship Hunter too close to a black hole, you find yourself lost in space on the wrong side of the galaxy, surrounded by sprawling, hive-like cities. At the core of each city lie mysterious alien Starcells – these contain valuable navigational data and must be collected to plot a course back home.

The aim of each level is to blast through the hive and grab the Starcells, a task made more challenging by the invincible Worker cells which patrol the cities repairing any damage inflicted. These Workers also bring the hive's defenses to life, causing them to spew deadly spores that can only be resisted by using your ship's trusty Perma-Shields.

The game features over 180 levels spread across 21 star systems. When all the Starcells on a level have been collected you'll enter the Bonus Game where you can earn a Perma-Shield and an extra life. You must complete every level within each star system to advance to the next; however, should you manage to collect four flashing Starcells you'll automatically jump to the next system.

As you progress through the different star systems you'll encounter an array of diverse and challenging hive types, including Attackers that throw out deadly spores, Darkcells which are only visible on radar, Switchers that change direction without warning, Jumpgates which jump to random locations, and Blackouts which plunge the hives into darkness.

Do you have the dexterity, precision timing and psychopathic blasting skills to find your way home to Hunter's Moon...?

Key Features:

  • Over 180 levels spread across 21 Star Systems.
  • New level types including Jumpgates and Blackouts.
  • Trainer Version designed for novice players.
  • All-new Random Mode to test seasoned veterans.
  • Save your game progress direct to the cartridge.
  • Stunning new intro and outro sequences.
  • New in-game music and enhanced parallax starfield.
  • Built-in Level Editor to craft your own cunning creations.
  • Multi-language support for French, German, Italian, and Spanish.
  • Bonus: Original 1987 version also included on the cartridge!.
  • Full PAL & NTSC compatibility (Remastered Version only)

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