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Site Update thread

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I've added "Club" functionality to the site.  So if anyone wants to create a specific club for say.. a game, a console, a company, etc.. you can create one now and add in your own private forum, files, images and videos.  You will essentially be the moderator of your own clubs.

Clubs can be set to be Open, Closed or Private (Invite Only).  I have clubs set to require my approval to create... I'm not planning on being a heavy handed gate keeping with any of this... I just want to make sure we aren't getting spammed with tons of similar clubs.  If you feel strongly about something, then by all means.. make a club.  But if a similar club exists then just join that club.

You can access Clubs by selecting it under the "Other Areas" drop-down on the menu.  I've created a sample club for South Jersey based shmup fans as an example.  You can pop in there to check out how things work.

I look forward to seeing what you guys do with this feature.


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Just a quick update on whats been going on with the site.  I was up until around three in the morning last night trying to figure out the site uploads problem.  In the end, all of my settings were correct, but my host defaults to using Fast CGI for PHP which was causing uploads of over 100mb to fail... not sure why, but switching to straight CGI, while it makes the site slower, seems to have fixed the issue.  I'm still having an issue with uploads sometimes stalling out.. you will get an error 200.... just try the upload again.

I've added a section to each members profile for listing your gaming achievements.  This way you can keep your list of gaming accomplishments, such as 1cc's, on your profile.. You can add formatting, images, videos, whatever you want.. you can then share either that tab or your profile on other websites as you wish.  This will also help us get the word out about the forum.

I've been busy working on adding content and tweaking the site.. but I've also done a limited advertising campaign.  I've put the word out on twitter #shmups, facebook shmups group and System11.. but so far it's been rather lackluster on activity.  So, if you're on other forums and can get the word out about this site, I'd appreciate it..  And if you are a lurker, please consider registering and actively joining the community.  There are many feature such as blogs, clubs, downloads, etc.. which are limited if you'e not a member... plus sign-up is completely free and open to all.

Take care.

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I've added the ability to login and register for an account with your Facebook account.  If you already have a forum account, you can go to under account settings and pair your facebook account to your existing forum account so that you can take advantage of quick FB logins... it also helps not having to remember another password.

Added more pictures- I think I'm done with that for a while.. so I'm going back to adding and tweaking files, articles and forum posts.  I also want to get more RSS subscriptions set up for videos.

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· UPDATES July 26th, 2018

I've done a decent amount of backend updates to the site.

  • Making clubs more prominent.  Content in clubs used to bleed out into the main site.  I've done quite a lot of work to limit this, so club content, files, images and videos will now only be available in the individual clubs.  Posts will still show up on the main feed.. and I felt this was important to keep activity funneling back to the individual clubs.  But I felt the ancillary content should remain club specific.  A) because it gives you a reason to check the clubs regularly,  B) Clubs don't necessarily have to be shoot'em up related. C) It keeps the core of the site Shoot'em up specific.
  • Member Galleries are now fully active.  You can create your own galleries under Member Galleries and set your own permissions (Private, Public, or you choose who to share it with)
  • STG Superplays.  I've created a Superplay section under videos and I'm working hard to populate it.  We have close to 60 videos online at the time I post this.   Add to it if you are able.
  • I moved some content to the clubs section.... namely the Retro Gaming forum.  While I'm sure this is of interest to some who check the site out.. it is tangential to the overall theme of the site.  Thats the great thing about clubs..  If you like something you can carve out your own area to showcase it.  BTW: You can all create clubs as well.  Just head to Clubs under other areas and set it up.. set whether you want it open, private or invitation based... make your own forums, files, galleries, video section and blogs... You will then be the moderator of that area.  Just keep it somewhat geek oriented- Anime, music, film, gaming, hardware, etc...
  • The top five clubs (based on activity) are now promoted on all pages of the site.
  • We have quite a lot of activity on the site... but it's mainly lurkers still.  If you check the forum out from time to time please consider making an account and telling others about us in your travels online.  I would love to get posting activity up on the site.   And to those of you who have made accounts and helped advertise, thanks.  It means a lot!

I'm forgetting a ton of stuff.  I'll have to make these updates more frequent

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