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What was your first gaming experience?

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So what was everyones first gaming experience?  Let us know a bit about the game and where you played it.

I'm probably older than most here.. but my first gaming experience was on the Odyssey 1 back in the mid 70's.  I couldn't have been more than five, but my dad had picked one up at a yard/boot sale and brought it home.  The thing was still almost new... considering how bad the console was, I don't think the original owners kept it around for too long..  I eventually graduated to pong and then the Atari 2600.  My first exposure to an upright arcade game was in the late '70's at the Settlers Inn, which was a huge log cabin inn.. known for being the oldest log cabin in the US and being tied directly to the Revolutionary War.  But that was where I first came across Space Invaders... and later, Asteroids.  Thats pretty much the beginning of where I got my love for shoot'em ups.. which was later cemented in my psyche by the amazing retro classic Galaga.

So what was your first experience?

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