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Mark Plays... Freedom Fighters / Videopac 39 (Odyssey2)

By LactobacillusPrime, 07/13/2018

I play the game Freedom Fighters on the Odyssey2 (Odyssey 3 command centre) aka Videopac+ so it features a fancy backdrop but you do need the special + variant of the game cart to display that backdrop. It doesn't add anything to the game apart from a nice backdrop and can actually be a little distracting obscuring the little space mines that are homing in on your spaceship. 
I used to pretend my spaceship was a Viper and I was fighting Cylon battlestars and the space mines were in fact Cylon fighters so yeah a total BattleStar Galactica game for you.

Game audio drowns out my voice a little too much - so still need to fiddle with sound setting s more. Enjoy.


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