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Mark Plays... Galactic Attack - Sega Saturn (aka Layer Section in Jap) (HD)

By LactobacillusPrime, 07/13/2018

Mark Plays.... Galactic Attack on the Sega Saturn, a shmup by Taito released in 1995. A great 2D game with sprite scaling-galore. This is were the Saturn was very good at.

I thought I'd share this little gem of a Saturn Title we can tie ourselves over for the moment RetroGamerVX unleashes his 'Saturn Craze' upon us. We may as well get our bearings and shield ourselves just a little in order to keep at least a small part of our sanity. 

I'd give this game a healty 85% in all areas.

Oh and I did make an earlier video on it back in 1999, 
but the quality was a bit shitty 😛

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