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Spectrecular - 3 Shmups - on the ZX Spectrum (Sinclair Spectrum) (HD)

By LactobacillusPrime, 07/13/2018


A small series on my favorite games on the ZX Spectrum by Clive Sinclair. A z80 powered machine with a rubber keyboard, games loaded from compact casettes which could be found in a lot of kid's bedrooms in the early 80's. It was either this machine or a Commodore 64 back in those days. Although Amstrad CPC and MSX were also very popular. 

Acorn Electron and the BBC were also well known systems back in the day and European multiformat games-magazines often featured screenshots of gamed for PC, C64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and the BBC. 

The emphasis was on home computers and not so much consoles. Games on consoles often were far mor expensive than games on the Speccy or the other home computer systems back in the day. 

I hope you like this first episode of the first part in this series on some of my favorite spectrum games and games that I re-discover on the Speccy. But also games I see for the first time. 

I plan on doing this for more of my old home computer systems like the C64, Vic-20 and MSX. So stay tuned! 🙂


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