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My Gun nac (NES) cart and more compile shmups (HD)

Is gun nac related to Power Strike/Aleste? There is a link!
Gunnac is very similar to the Power Strike Series/Aleste Series made by Compile. Gunnac was also made by Compile so there may actually be a reason why these games are so similar!

Developer(s): Compile
Publisher(s):Tonkin House (Japanese publisher), ASCII (North American publisher)
Platform(s):Nintendo Entertainment System
Release date(s):JP October 5, 1990, NA April 1991
Genre(s):Shoot 'em up
Input methods:NES controller

In this video I show the similarities between the Aleste/Power Strike games and Gun Nac!

I got my Gunnac Nes cart, which is actually quite rare. It's a 3 screw cart and it is in an alright condition. Not mint though. I do own a Famicom version of this cart as well...

There's a couple of things wrong with this video. My old computer drops quite a few frames when it comes to grabbing from consoles. I had to resort to a 2.4Ghz Pentium IV because my core2duo Acer system kicked the bucket. And the editing software defaulted to PAL whereas the footage was actually in NTSC so the video is struggeling a bit

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