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Mad Shark (Arcade) - 1-ALL/1 Loop Clear/1周 (2-6)

Original title: マッド・シャーク. No deaths/no-miss during the first loop.

This game is proof that Allumer is indeed able to create something solid. Although not without flaws, Mad Shark is both convincing as an epigone as it is successful in adding a few tweaks here and there. 

Scoring well is mostly a matter of survival: once the main and secondary weapons are completely powered up you'll continuously gain more and more points for excess power-ups of the same type until it maxes out at a colossal 50,000 points. If you die (even with a star in stock which sort-of acts as the fairy of the game) you need to build up that value up again, it costs hundred of thousands, if not millions of points. If I wouldn't have lost a life at the 2-3 boss I easily would've surpassed 10 million points, but it was not to be.

Without a doubt the most annoying aspect about the game is the randomness that is involved with the power-up carriers. There are times when you get shafted with an abysmal amount of bombs and almost none of the quadruple power-up choppers might show up. I was incredibly lucky here, I never got such a good constellation before. To compare: I got seven bombs before reaching the sixth boss which means that I not only had the maximum capacity of eight, but also gained 100,000 points for the two surplus bombs. I also had runs where I reached the guy with a measly five bombs. That's a difference of five bombs in six stages which is simply terrible. 

I'm overall very pleased with this run, the aforementioned death on the boss was heartbreaking, but I pulled off quite a few heroic dodges (especially against the 1-4 and 2-4 boss), so I shan't complain. My controller even acted up again on 2-2, that was quite horrifying to say the least!

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