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Rezon (Arcade) No deaths / 1LC / no-miss

By Gandalf42, 07/22/2018

Original title: レゾン. No deaths/1LC/no-miss. Allumer's response to Irem's classic horizontal shooters. Despite its short duration and the fact that Rezon does not loop (unlike most Irem games), it is a pretty brutal game. This can be chalked up to a few irritating aspects of this game:

- An integral part of the gameplay consists of positioning the little bits as you'll quickly see. This game really needed a second button in order to fix the position of those bits regardless of the direction you're heading. But alas, there is no such function in the game, substantially complicating matters.

- It seems like MAME reduced quite a bit of the slowdown that is present during busier moments, turning some already tough encounters (particularly the fourth boss) into little nightmares.

- Speaking of the fourth boss: he will destroy a lot of your runs. Both his collision hitbox and the lasers of his constant swarm of drones are disgustingly huge. To further add insult to injury, the boss himself has a ludicrous amount of health. It's not all that rare to get trapped by a bad constellation of satellites, meteorites and the boss himself, leaving you with no way out. 

- While the rest of the game is static to the point of monotony (unlike the references from Irem), there's this weird occurence regarding the enemy spawn conditions, namely in the fifth stage. Enemies will always appear in the same spots, but depending on your position on the screen (?) they might pop up a little bit later or earlier which might lead to a sudden death out of nowhere since they start their attacks at the most inopportune time.

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