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Wing Force - 11,088,800

By Gandalf42, 07/22/2018

Recorded on 9 July 2016

I originally didn't bother encoding and uploading this video because I failed to get the clear (I did upload the input file to RestartSyndrome), but I figured I might as well since it is the first and currently only score I know of surpassing 11 million in this game, and it demonstrates a trick on the stage 1 boss I didn't do in my 2-ALL video from earlier. Between this video and my 2-ALL video I think I demonstrate all significant tricks in this game I know of.

To do that stage 1 boss quick kill, I recommend laying down the bomb and beginning to fire about a quarter to half a second before the boss becomes vulnerable to damage. You need to make sure you already have missiles fired and overlapping with the boss when it turns vulnerable or else you won't get the kill in time. If you don't use the bomb or use it too late you'll get the quick kill and the second tank won't spawn, but the boss bonus will continue to tick down until you get to the stage clear screen, losing you 600 boss-score.

This run was riddled with errors that costed me many lives and ultimately the clear. The worst part was the end of 2-2, where I lost my missile wing and had to commit suicide to get it back, only to lose it again. The final death on the 2-5 boss was quite cringeworthy too - in my panic and lack of practice for the situation, I had forgotten how to set up the safespot on the boss.

Despite the survival mistakes, I did well in the areas that matter for scoring, namely boss kills, "miclus" milking, and medal collection, which ultimately got me past the 11 million mark, if only barely. Game-overing to the 2-5 boss only lost me around 12-13k (10k for the boss kill and 100 points for each medal I collected in the stage), so it wasn't a big hit to my score. It's just disappointing getting the score I was aiming for but missing the clear by a hair!

I tried a couple runs after this to see if I could get both 11 million and the clear, but without much success. I don't plan to try to beat this score, but there is some room for improvement (for starters, I screwed up the 2-1 miclus again, though not as badly as I did in my 2-ALL). I hope this replay helps if you're going for said improvements, though I question your taste and would readily recommend you plenty of games more worth your time and effort. (If you're here because of TRP-STGT, I'm sorry.)

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