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Wing Force - ウイング.フォース - 2-ALL Clear 7.02 Million (No Auto)

By Gandalf42, 07/22/2018

Wing Force is a shmup from 1993 that was never released. There was a location test but that's about it. 
Someone eventually found the only existing PCB of the game in the world and dumped it in MAME so that everybody can play it now.

There are about four different weapons you can use in the game. I haven't really found a use for any of the other three. 
If you are equipped with a weapon, taking a hit will only remove the equipped weapon. 

Scoring in this game consists of about three things. First are collecting medals, second is boss speedkills and last is secret milking. Collected medals are multiplied with the boss value and the boss value is higher the faster you kill it. 

There are also some secrets that you can milk by shooting them. The laser weapon has the fastest rate of fire and can milk the secrets the best out of all the available weapons. 

The stage 4 boss has some really weird diagonal bullet wobble going on which makes it almost impossible to dodge. 
The final boss goes crazy if you kill three or more orbs but you can make a cozy safespot by just killing two right next to it.

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