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19XX Mosquito Nomiss ALL 1996 [60fps]

By Gandalf42, 07/22/2018

19XX -THE WAR AGAINST DESTINY- / 19XX: The War Against Destiny (Japan 951207) Capcom 1996 モスキート使用 ノーミスクリア 17,474,100pts Player KON-DOU 収録Ver MAMEPlus!0.113 空飛ぶザンギエフ発進! 

mame replay site http://replayburners.web.fc2.com/


システムボード:カプコン プレイシステム2(CPS2) 
CPU構成[68000, Z80] 音源チップ[QSound] 


[出典:カプコン シークレットファイル 19XX ひみつ大図解(カプコン)] 

19XX - The War Against Destiny (c) 1995 Capcom.

A vertically shoot'em up game.


Capcom Play System II hardware (CPS II)
Game ID : CP-S II No. 13

Main CPU : 68000 (@ 11.8 Mhz), Z80 (@ 8 Mhz)
Sound Chips : Q-Sound (@ 4 Mhz)

Screen orientation : Vertical
Video resolution : 224 x 384 pixels
Screen refresh : 59.63 Hz
Palette colors : 4096

Players : 2
Control : 8-way joystick
Buttons : 2
= [A] Fire, Bomb


Released in December 1995.

Victor Entertainment released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Capcom Game Soundtrack : 19XX The War Against Destiny - VICL-2168) on 03/04/1996. Here is the official name of the songs :
Mission 1 - A Bit of Blue Sky Between the Clouds
Mission 2 - The Red Naval Port
Mission 3 - Dance of the Green Gnome
Mission 4 - Silver Ice Sheet
Mission 5 - City Lights in the Black Strait
Final Mission P1 - Grayish Tornado
Final Mission P2 - The Last-Ditch Fight

Soundtrack album releases :
Capcom Game Sound Track -19XX The War Against Destiny- (VICL-2168) [Victor Entertainment]


* Change First Stage Music To "1942" BGM : at the title screen after the coin is inserted move Up, Right(x9), Down(x4), left(x2). A sound will be heard once the code is entered.

* Change First Stage Music To An Arranged Version of "1942" BGM : at the title screen after the coin is inserted move Up, Down(x9), Upleft, Downright, Upright, Downleft, Upleft, Downright, Upright, Downleft. A voice will be heard once the code is entered.

* Stronger Bombs : holding the BOMB button will charge your bomb to a stronger level.


1. 1942 (1984) 
2. 1943 - The Battle of Midway (1987) 
3. 1943 Kai - Midway Kaisen (1988) 
4. 1941 - Counter Attack [CP-S No. 07] (1990) 
5. 19XX - The War Against Destiny [CP-S II No. 13] (1995) 
6. 1944 - The Loop Master [CP-S II No. 33] (2000)


Game designers : I. Satsuma, Tomonori Nonaka, S. Obata (Manhattan)
Program designers : T. Ueno, Batayoni, Hdo, Dress, Ittetsu, You!, Hits
Scroll designers : Taka, Fukumoyan, Ziggy, Imahori, Hiroshi Sugiyama, Kazu, Goro Suzuki, Sawatch
Object designers : Y. Maruno, Misupo Rumu, Yoshino Hiroaki, Mimura Kenji 8, Naoki Fukuda, Yuki, Henoheno, Bow, T. Osumi, GZ, K. Tokunaga, You-Ten Nakano, Takep, Eizi Murabayashi, Kogaman
Music composers : Syun Nishigaki (Kobekko), Tatsuro Zuzuki
Sound designers : Hiroaki Kondo (Mach-2)
All sound produce by Arcade Sound Team.

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