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Dangun Feveron - No-Miss TLB ALL Clear - 11,978,808

By Gandalf42, 07/23/2018

Released in 1998, Dangun Feveron is one of Cave's more peculiar shmups. Instead of it being a more typical bullet hell like their other games, here there is much more focus on fewer but very fast bullet patterns. Oh and you know it's Disco themed. 

Managed to improve my previous score by quite a lot while practicing and training for  my Stunfest demonstration. 
Type C Roll is a good combination since the shot devastates stages while you can use the charge shot for beefy enemies and bosses.

My stage 2 score was quite bad this run. I didn't get the item carriers before the turret garden and I had a brain fart and forgot where the big enemies were going to spawn.
My first bomb in stage 5 was also way too early and I almost died like 3 times during that section. 

Current western record (until Emuser takes it back).

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