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Windows 98 20th Anniversary All New PC Build

By Gandalf42, 08/10/2018

Building an all new computer from 20 year old parts for the Windows 98 20th Anniversary.

Here are the specs of The New Windows 98 PC:
OS: Windows 98 Second Edition
CPU: 1GHz Tualatin Pentium III
GPU: Voodoo 5 5500 64MB
HDD: Western Digital 120GB 7200RPM EIDE
PSU: EVGA 450BT 450W
MOBO: Intel D815EEA2U(after using it, I don't recommend this board)
CDD: Memorex 8xDVD+RW/+R 10xCD
FDD3.5: Teac FD-235
FDD5.25: Teac FD-55
Sound: Creative Sound Blaster Live! 5.1
Case: Inwin Q500N (3rd revision I believe)
Monitor: Hyundai ImageQuest V770+
Keyboard: Microsoft Natural Keyboard
Joystick: Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2
Gamepad: Microsoft Sidewinder game pad
Mouse: Microsoft Cordless Wheelmouse

This was a wild ride of a video. The Voodoo 5 being DOA was alarming and nearly derailed the whole project...twice. The Motherboard doesn't seem to support two floppy drives as well. I never had both drives working in it. I still need to do some more testing to figure out if I can put a different BIOS on it to support that properly. I also wanted to show POD running instead of NFS but it has some problems running, especially in Glide mode with the Voodoo5. And another problem was that I couldn't get the gameport on the sound card to work. I need to try using the VXD drivers still to see if that makes a difference.

All those problems aside this computer is really great. I was pushing its backwards compatibility a bit far with MS Flight Sim(only about the top half of the screen is meant to be shown) but a Win98 build like this is great for old games. Sure, you could buy most of these on GOG or use the original disks/discs in a VM. But those make for a pale imitation of the real deal. The struggle is part of the fun, although maybe not recapping a Voodoo 5 level of struggle.

This is going to be the start of a series of videos that will showcase different aspects of building an running an old computer like this. The upcoming videos about the parts I chose will help explain why they are the ones I went with and how well they work. This video was meant to be a cathartic romp of 90's PC nostalgia. There will be a lot more in depth content from this later.

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