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The SHMUP Review: Pawarumi

By SHMUP-bot, 06/29/2018

The SHMUP Review: Pawarumi

For my very first episode of "The SHMUP Review", I am covering Pawarumi, a modern shooter released in 2018 by indie studio Manufacture 43. With this new series I will focus on reviewing modern SHMUPS as well as giving you the knowledge you need about the game and whether or not it is worth buying.

As for Pawarumi, it's an ambitious game for a small studio and has a pretty unique weapon system that compliments it nicely. It's also rendered completely in gorgeous 3D (albeit, the gameplay is 2D in nature). The game also has a pretty unique look in terms of it's artistic style, a "Neo-Aztec" look if you will. And of course, as you'd expect, there is some frantic, intense shooting reminiscent of many games in the Bullet Hell genre.

So what did I think of it? Watch the video and find out!

Special thanks to Manufacture 43 for providing me with a review code to check out their game. It is greatly appreciated!

*All footage was capped in true 4K at 30fps and played on a high end gaming rig using Steam.

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