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Touhou FDF Lunatic CLEAR 1CC (Marisa) | [FINALLY!!!]

By Gandalf42, 07/07/2018

It's probably one of my best and highest achievements since the beginning. Just... the most intense 25 minutes in my life (okay, maybe too much said - in my 2hu carrier :P).

✪ If you enjoyed my video, leave a like, comment or even subscribe. It's very motivating, really. Thanks! 😉 ✪

So, well... I'm very proud to present this gameplay. I thought: "Hey, my Extra Stage video is so popular! (lol xd) Nearly 30k views, nearly 300 likes. Maybe it's time to make a step further in that insanity..." - And I made this one step. But this step was VERY hard to make..
Okay, seriously: After number of tries I managed to clear, without continuing, game on Lunatic! Moreover, it's done with (probably) the hardest character to play with - i.e. Marisa, which is actually a hard-hardmodo. When I had to completely give up, I tried the last time. And I did it!! And it's just unbelievable! 😄

Why it's a (much) harder challenge? Well, Marisa has a very narrow shot area (Sanae has a better situation there). She hasn't got homing bullets which could help her with a small shot area (Reimu has got). Also, she isn't a Patchouli with her overpowered deadly shotgun (or laser blast, varying on a focus state). Also, Marisa's high speed isn't helping at all... The only pro here is her very high DPS (but still Patche has better... lel).

@EDIT: okay, because you could wonder when watching at history counter, how is it that I made this so "quickly" or "easily". Well: it's not accurate at all. I was making many tries on other characters too, also not only at home. One time I accidentally deleted the game, so the history too. At the Final spell it says 001/002, but I didn't capture (perfect) it. Here was the situation that I used continues this time. This was the only time I did that.

✪ About the game ✪

Touhou Fantastic Danmaku Festival is a fan-made EoSD remake made by StarX. We have four players to choose: Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame (hard-hardmodo), Sanae Kochiya and Patchouli Knowledge (easymodo). In game we meet characters from EoSD, but in Stage 1 we have Nix (or Nyx) instead of Rumia, and Patche is replaced by Koakuma in Stage 4 (the mid-boss here then is Sakuya).
It contains the DDC mechanism, but we have to destroy certain amount of enemies in a short time instead of collecting items above the POC. Then items are being collected and we get bomb or life fragment. You need 5 fragments to make a life or a bomb. After every stage you can get a score multiplier (x1.07, x1.24 etc.) basing on how much bombs or lives you lost during that stage. When 4 life's or above, you don't get a bonus. When 8/9 bombs or above - the same.
Overally game is harder than official ZUN's games, especially difficulties Hard and above. Extra stage is also very damn hard.

Enjoy 😉
If you haven't seen 2hu FDF Extra Stage clear, I highly suggest to watch it, because it's very insane - like this Lunatic.  Really.

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