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Yars' Revenge - Atari - Kid Stuff Records (Full Album)

By Gandalf42, 07/12/2018

This is truly an odd slice of nostalgia.  I was a major fan of Howard Scott Warshaw's fantastic Atari 2600 shooter Yars' Revenge.  Never came across this, or any of the other Kid Stuff Records, back in the day.... but I'm glad I came across it now.  It's sooooo bad!  Great stuff!

So have a listen to an early 80's cheese-ball musical story of the game Yar's Revenge.... and thank me later. 😆


Yars' Revenge

"Deep in outer space, in the Razak solar system, lives a race of super-beings, half-man/half-fly, known as Yars. when one of their planets is destroyed, the Yars vow to seek revenge against their mortal enemy, the evil Qotile! Fly alongside the Yar warriors, as they attack their enemy in a thrilling space battle! Take off for excitement with Atari's Yars Revenge."

Songs include: Atari theme, Fly, Yar warriors!, Yars' Revenge


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