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Mark Plays... Raptor: Call of the Shadows (PC)(MS-DOS)

By LactobacillusPrime, 07/13/2018

Raptor: Call of the Shadows is a vertical-scrolling shmup on PC & MS-DOS by Cygnus Studios. It was published by Apogee Software on April 1st 1994 yet it wasn't a joke. It was a proper game.

It has since then become available on other platforms like Windows, Linux, iOS and Mac OS. 

In the game you're a mercenary flying a fighter plane called ' a raptor ' and you're working for an evil company called MegaCorps. Basically the story is about big corporations going to war with their own air forces. 

There are differences between the various ports. In 1999. Mountain King Studios (same company different name) decided to make Raptor a native Windows program with only slight enhancements to the graphics and audio and it became possible to play the game with a controller. Actually this mode is preferred the keyboard and mouse modes are buggy at best. 

There's a DotEMU 2010 re-release of the game which is superior to the original Windows release. Another company Blitwise released a port to iOS devices in the same year, it basically is the MS-DOS port. Then there's another iOS release by DotEMU in 2011 which is based on the same enhanced Windows port they did in 2010. DotEMU decided to enhance the game even further in 2015 by releasing it on steam with cloud scoring features.

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