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Mark Plays.... Arcadians (BBC B)(Acornsoft)(1982)(RGB)

By LactobacillusPrime, 07/13/2018

I am playing a port of the Namco arcade game on the BBC model B. The 80s saw a whole range of unofficial arcade ports across the home computer systems that were very popular in Europe back in the day. 

Arcadians was developed by Aardvak Software (great name) and was published by Acornsoft. It came out on the BBC M and also the later Acorn Electron. The latter basically is a cut down slower version of the BBC M and more of a games machine than the BBC M. 

Check out how I did. My commentary really is quite off the cuff here so a couple of ahs and uhms will be audible. Nor do I claim to be factually correct on all the things I say. 

Enjoy the gameplay.

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