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Nemesis'93 aka Nemesis'94 for Sharp X68000 (Enhanced port of MSX version)

By LactobacillusPrime, 07/13/2018

Gradius II by The GRA2 Project which is is a port of the MSX version of Gradius II. Other ports exist for the X68000 each a little different from the other.  

Nemesis'94 is a much more faithful port then the Nemesis'90 KAI that was released before this port, as the only major thing changed from the MSX version was the graphics and music. It does not have the extra stages and bosses from Nemesis '90 Kai. This is actually an unofficial port made by a fan.

Nemesis'90 KAI is another enhanced remake of Gradius 2 with graphical quality on par with Gradius III. It includes two new stages exclusive to this version of the game, and 4 new bosses (two of which replace the rematches fought in the MSX version.) May have to show that too at some point.  

Of course my gameplay was so bad that I couldn't show you much. 😛


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