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Mark Plays... Commando Arcade SE [2015] (C64)

By LactobacillusPrime, 07/13/2018

Playing the March 21st 2015 release of Commando Arcade SE, a special arcade edition of the reworked version by Nostalgia.

I'd easily give this 9/10 or even 10/10. 

Credits :
Code  ....  Fungus
    Tom-Cat of Nostalgia
Music  ....  6R6 of Nostalgia, SHAPE
Graphics  ....  STE'86
    Tom-Cat of Nostalgia
Design  ....  STE'86
    Tom-Cat of Nostalgia
Crack  ....  S!R of Nostalgia
Trainer  ....  S!R of Nostalgia
Original Supply  ....  S!R of Nostalgia
NTSC-Fix  ....  Fungus
Linking  ....  Tom-Cat of Nostalgia
Bug-Fix  ....  Fungus
    Tom-Cat of Nostalgia
Loader  ....  6R6 of Nostalgia, SHAPE
Docs  ....  Tom-Cat of Nostalgia
Test  ....  Erhan of Nostalgia
    Lemming of Finnish Gold, Nostalgia, Offence
    SLC of Kvasigen, Nostalgia, Tufs
Help  ....  Erhan of Nostalgia

The CSDb link to Commando Arcade SE [2015]


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